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Progress At ProtoCAM: An Interactive Historical Timeline

January 9, 2020

Learn all about ProtoCAM’s history with our interactive timeline!

Check out the links below to learn more about the events of the timeline!

Fire at ProtoCAM facility in Allen Township

ProtoCAM Adds Sales and Marketing Manager to Team


ProtoCAM to Appeal to Wider Community with New Hire

Introducing the HP Multi Jet Fusion

Happy Retirement to Gary Mann!

A sneak peak of our new 2000 sq ft space


Melding Old with New: Recreating Langhorne Carpet Company’s Jacquard Cylinder

New Intern to Bring Artistic Talent to ProtoCAM

New Intern Goes From Printing Model Trains to ProtoCAM Products

Check out what arrived at our facility this week! The DyeMansion Powershot C…


ProtoCAM Brings on New Additive Manufacturing Technician

ProtoCAM in the Community: 3D Printing NFL Logos for a Good Cause

Summer Intern Hopes to Utilize ProtoCAM’s Capabilities in Building Racing Drones

Our new HP Multi Jet Fusion printer is here, and with it, our material offerings…

ProtoCAM to Pursue ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Deputy Secretary of Safety and Labor Management Relations, Jennifer L. Berrier…

ProtoCAM Achieves Safety Committee Certification


ProtoCAM Introduces New Member of Additive Manufacturing Team

ProtoCAM in the Community: Collaborating with the Ed Block Courage Award Foundation

ProtoCAM Will Continue to Offer Services During COVID-19

ProtoCAM Launches Instant Quoting Platform

ProtoCAM Prints 3D Masks for COVID-19 Prevention

Ensuring the Highest Quality Safety Standards During COVID-19

Operation Ear Saver is Still Underway!

ProtoCAM’s Environmental Initiatives Program

ProtoCAM VP Receives Prestigious DINO Award

Ordering is now available for our Carbon 3D printing technology