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We invite our customers with more project and additive manufacturing experience or with repeat orders to utilize our instant quoting platform for SLA, FDM, and MJF technologies. Alternatively, select our engineer-assisted quote option for any of our technologies, expedited delivery, or specialty finishing requirements.

ATTENTION: When using our instant quoting platform, customers can see real-time costs for their projects based on various available technologies, materials, and finishes. Once satisfied with your project and pricing, you MUST submit your order through the instant quoting platform in order for your order to reach our engineers and to begin the manufacturing process. For additional help submitting your order, please view our “Instant Quoting Users Guide” or our “Instant Quoting Video” below.

Please note: Our instant quote page has been merged into our parent company’s instant quote page, and you will be redirected to Prototek’s platform. You will still receive the high-quality work you rely on!


Need help getting started? Check out our users guide and introductory video for assistance in using our instant quoting platform:

Instant Quoting Users Guide Button        Instant quoting button video