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ProtoCAM Brings on New Additive Manufacturing Technician

January 24, 2019

Dave Everett is the newest member of the ProtoCAM team! He joins us as an additive manufacturing technician in our finishing workshop.

Though not a veteran of the manufacturing or additive engineering fields, Everett has ample experience in art, design, and finishing. His background includes study in graphic design at several art institutes, as well as experience in construction. “I’m very familiar with finishing and sanding, which is actually a lot of [the responsibilities of the position],” Everett emphasized. “There’s nothing too unfamiliar except the overall printing process.” Dave Small

Given his extensive artistic background, Everett is working closely with ProtoCAM’s primary painting specialist, Doug Vokes, but he’s also training in each area of the workshop in order to be maximally efficient. “Right now, I’m mostly filling it wherever needed…it’s nice I get to see all different sides of things,” Everett explains. “I’ve also been getting into the paint booth. I like that because it’s more of my background, more of design.”

Though immersed in the 3D printing world while on the job, Everett is also striving to learn more about the industry on his own. “I’m actually doing a lot of research on my own at home, trying to get familiar with the machines, materials, all that. I’m pretty blown away,” Everett said. “Technology-wise, I’m a gamer, I built my own computer. So each day, seeing the technology side of things is interesting.”

Perhaps the greatest strength Everett brings to the ProtoCAM team is his attentiveness to detail and persistence in following tasks to completion. “When I find something that I’m really interested in, I hone in on that and I put so much attention and effort into it. I have a lot of attention to detail, so I don’t mind sitting there and working on something small.” Everett’s skillset in this area will be particularly advantageous with the more detailed, complex parts ProtoCAM is often called upon to create using technologies like Multi Jet Fusion or Stereolithography.

In addition to gaming and working with technology, Everett also enjoys hiking and biking whenever he has the opportunity, as well as hockey in the wintertime. We look forward to showcasing all his capabilities here at ProtoCAM. Welcome to the team!