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ProtoCAM in the Community: Introducing Future Generations to STEM & Sustainability

April 29, 2021

In honor of Earth Day, ProtoCAM recently partnered with Northern Lehigh School District to help provide hands-on education about recycling to first grade students. The project culminated with ProtoCAM’s donation to a future STEM Resource Room at Peters Elementary School.

A bird feeder created from recycled materials

This project, entitled “STEM for All, STEM for Good,” was intended to be accessible by children of all ages, even young learners, and beneficial for the environment. A recycling lesson was delivered to all of the first grade classes at Peters Elementary School in Northern Lehigh School District virtually on a virtual learning day via a pre-recorded video; this educational session was then followed by a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) project proposal for the students to follow.

The STEM project presented to the students involved working with a family member to create a bird feeder using only recycled materials. Students then presented their unique feeders in school, and the feeders were subsequently hung outside to showcase to the rest of the students (and for the birds to enjoy!).

ProtoCAM supported this project, and also donated money for each feeder created, which will be used to purchase materials to start a STEM Resource Room at Peters Elementary School. Upon completion, the room will be available for all teachers in the school to use and further educate their students on STEM topics and environmental sustainability.

ProtoCAM was so thrilled to be apart of this project, which both helped to educate students in STEM topics, as well as promote environmental sustainability. To check out all the feeders created during the project, check out our Instagram by clicking here!