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3D Printing & the Environment: Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling

With Earth Day fast approaching, we’re investigating the 3D printing and additive manufacturing industry to discover the latest trends in going green and promoting better environmental responsibility through this innovative technology! A significant environmental issue in recent years has been the overuse of single-use plastics, which not only contaminate waterways and add to our growing landfills,…

Progress At ProtoCAM: An Interactive Historical Timeline

Feature Image timeline shot show 2018

Learn all about ProtoCAM’s history with our interactive timeline! Check out the links below to learn more about the events of the timeline! Fire at ProtoCAM facility in Allen Township ProtoCAM Adds Sales and Marketing Manager to Team ProtoCAM to Appeal to Wider Community with New Hire Introducing the HP Multi Jet Fusion Happy Retirement…

2018 Year in Review

Feature Image 2019 new years

2019 is here, but let’s not forget what a great year we’ve had in 2018! It’s time to reflect once again on all the updates, innovations, and more we’ve had in the past year: We worked with several established businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to produce case studies discussing the prototypes we created for them, including one with…

Help Us Break the Spell — A Halloween Quiz

Feature Image halloween quiz

What have you done ProtoMAN?? It looks like our mascot has cast a spell over our facility this Halloween…can you help us set things straight in this interactive quiz?

Utilizing 3D Printing for Education

Feature Image education 3d printing

3D printing continues to develop and expand its reach into various fields, not the least of which is education. From 3D-printing bones for use in medical demonstration to building 3D files in virtual reality platforms, this technology has the potential to draw future engineers at an early age. As those of us at ProtoCAM are…

Ask the Interns: An “Exit Interview”

Feature Image intern exit interview

We previously reported on the various going ons of our two summer interns, Ashley (our marketing intern) and Nolan (our additive manufacturing intern). Their time here at ProtoCAM is drawing to a close, and while we’re sad to see them go, we’re thrilled to see where they’ll head to from here! As they wrap up…

Recreating & Reinventing Artwork With 3D Printing


Recreating historical art and artifacts has traditionally been the work of a specialist of the original media of the art piece, but with an increased need for a better and more durable option, 3D printing has become a viable method for reproducing ancient art. As 3D printing’s technological accomplishments grow, so does the lifetime of…

ProtoCAM Throwback: What We’ve Been Up To This Year

Feature Image throwback 2018

It’s about halfway through the year, and we’re taking a moment to “throwback” and reflect on what we’ve accomplished so far! In February, we teamed up with East Penn Lower Macungie Middle School to take home several wins in Dream It. Do It. PA’s 2018 student video contest, “What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?” Local manufacturers worked together with…

Using 3D Printing for Mass Production

Feature Image mass production bullwhip

In the early days of 3D printing and up until quite recently, additive manufacturing has been mostly a means to produce prototypes and one-off parts for presentation purposes, with minimal practical use. The technologies available were slow to produce more than a few parts at once, and mass production was simply not feasible. Producing parts for…

Going Green in the 3D Printing Industry

Feature Image earth day recycling

With Earth Day just around the corner, we’re examining trends in recycling in the 3D additive manufacturing industry and sharing what ProtoCAM is doing to help make the world a greener place! The 3D printing world is still in the process of developing methods to better cater to the environment by recycling used and excess…