ProtoCAM Additive Manufacturing & Rapid Prototyping

About ProtoCAM Additive Manufacturing

ProtoCAM is an ISO 9001:2015 certified leading provider of value-added 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and rapid prototyping services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture, and consumer goods.

Beyond Additive Manufacturing

For more than 25 years, engineers and product designers across the globe have turned to ProtoCAM to meet their prototyping needs. Why? Because we go beyond additive manufacturing. With decades of experience and an obsessive commitment to service, we work with customers every step of the way, ensuring that the finished piece they receive meets their exact specifications – and performs exactly as expected.

Any additive manufacturing service bureau can take an online order and drop a piece in the mail a few days later. ProtoCAM goes a step farther. We offer customers direct access to a team of engineers and prototyping specialists – and their encyclopedic knowledge of additive manufacturing methods and materials.

The result? Consistently high-quality parts and prototypes and market-ready goods produced quickly (as little as one day) and as cost-effectively as possible. And because our roots are in manufacturing, rather than design, our team specializes in helping customers get products to market quickly, without roadblocks.

ProtoCAM works with a wide range of customers, from Fortune 500 firms who need to augment internal prototyping teams with a nimble, flexible third party to small companies who rely on us for all of their additive manufacturing needs.

Our Vision & Mission

Our company vision is to consistently operate our full-service additive manufacturing facility while aiding customers in producing new products that improve quality of life through innovation and technology.

Our mission is to provide value-added customer service using an honest and personalized approach while offering the latest advancements in digital additive manufacturing technologies. Our team will strives always to maintain a company culture that empowers our associates to become actively involved problem-solvers as we service our customers, supply chain, and community.

The ProtoCAM Distinction

Here at ProtoCAM, we do additive manufacturing differently. Our experienced engineers work with our customers on their unique projects to understand exactly what their goals are and what they would like their end product to be. The ProtoCAM Distinction means that we’re available throughout the entire additive manufacturing process, from initial idea to end product, and we have the capabilities and know-how to guide any project–from prototype to production–to completion.

Each project is assigned to a personal project engineer who is regularly available to assist our customers in choosing a material, technology, process, post-processing method, and more, and our friendly customer service representatives can update you on your project timeline, cost, and delivery requirements. Because we’re ISO 9001:2015 certified, you can be assured that your prototypes and parts will be completed according to our high quality standards and produced and delivered to you as quickly as possible, with continuous improvement being a central goal to our facility’s procedures in order to meet our customers’ ever-evolving requirements. Our instant quoting platform means you can order your parts immediately, while our engineer-assisted quoting form allows you to connect further with our engineers on your more in-depth project, and with each order placed, you can be assured that we’re always working towards more sustainable and environmentally-friendly standards of material disposal and recycling, packaging methods, and more. Review our various technologies and services pages to learn all about ProtoCAM’s unique additive manufacturing offers, or request a quote now to start experiencing the ProtoCAM Distinction for yourself.

Our Facility

ProtoCAM’s second generation additive manufacturing facility, opened in 2013, is located in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. We are a short drive from New York and Philadelphia, and within a day of most major East Coast population centers.

Our Culture

Here at ProtoCAM, our company culture is one of the most important aspects of how we run our business. We operate so that each member of our team is always on the same page which each project, which protects us against errors and ensures we provide the best quality products and services to our customers.

At ProtoCAM, we embrace T.E.A.M. Values:

TRUST – Work hard, play hard–trust the process.

EMBRACE – To be successful, we must continuously improve–embrace change.

ACCOUNTABILITY – Recognize the choices and decisions you make yield the results you achieve.

MEANING – People who have a sense of purpose are more focused, creative, and innovative.

We regularly hold cultural events for all staff members, and also are continuously seeking out opportunities to volunteer within our community with the whole team (check out our “ProtoCAM in the Community” series to learn more!). Our “ManuFeaturing” video series highlights each member of our team, and truly demonstrates what its like to work here at ProtoCAM, and our Around the Office category of videos highlights the various events we have going on at the facility; you can check out one of the videos below.

We call ourselves the ProtoCAM Family, and we hope our customers feel they are apart of our family, too.

ProtoCAM: Excellence in Additive Manufacturing. Click here to get a quote for your prototyping or manufacturing project today.