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Wax Casting

Wax Casting

ProtoCAM creates wax castings for rapidly-created metal parts. Wax casting can be utilized when multiple metal parts are required quickly, without the need for expensive tooling. This process is typically used for low quantity (10-50) requirements. For less than ten pieces, or for even more rapid turnaround, we recommend checking out our SLA QuickCast service. Wax casting can also be used for low volume production applications where tooling might be expensive and product life cycle may be short, or for high-value, low-volume applications.

Technical Overview of Wax Casting

Wax casting is a process for creating objects, from simple to complex, in a variety of metals by casting an original model or pattern.

To produce our wax castings, ProtoCAM uses stereolithography (SLA) to create a pattern, than produces an RTV (room temperature vulcanization) mold from the pattern. The RTV mold is than utilized to make the wax casting.

After a mold is created, wax casting material is injected into the mold. This allows for near-perfect copies of the original prototype or part to be created. We use vacuum casting technology from Renishaw to produce void-free wax castings.

From the wax casting, metal parts are able to be created. The pattern is dipped in ceramic slurry and then is heated to burn out the wax, creating the cavity used to cast a single metal part. After casting, the ceramic shell is shattered, revealing the part.

For a visual reference of this process, click the following image to enlarge this graphic from

Why Choose Wax Casting from ProtoCAM


A high degree of accuracy is maintained in the copy – including the surface finish.


Parts without draft, or with undercuts, can be produced.


Several parts can be created per shift once the mold is complete.

Applications & Industries Compatible with Wax Casting

Wax casting through ProtoCAM can be utilized by any industry, or any customers who requires metal parts for form/fit/function testing quickly and/or in lower quantities. This service is particularly compatible with medical industry applications. Contact ProtoCAM for assistance in determining the how wax casting can be utilized for your unique project.

Wax Casting from ProtoCAM – Key Benefits

  • Reduced time to market
  • High quality techniques
  • Fast part turn-around
  • Allows for rapid form/fit/function testing
  • Reduced/no post-cast machining/processing/tooling required
  • Can be used for high-value, low-volume applications
  • Confidentiality of product development is assured

Contact ProtoCAM for Wax Casting Services

ProtoCAM is a leading provider of wax casting services. Please contact us for more information on our wax casting services or to request a quote.