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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid Prototyping Services

ProtoCAM is a leading provider of rapid prototyping services using a wide range of rapid prototyping technologies and materials. As a full-service rapid prototyping company, ProtoCAM also offers rapid prototype design, development, and engineering services to assist our customers in guiding their rapid prototype from Concept, to CAD model, to Prototype, to Product.

ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping capabilities and deep technical knowledge provides the competitive edge customers need within the product development process to help get products validated and faster to market. ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping approach uses the latest technologies and most advanced materials to achieve our customers’ prototyping goals. We specialize in quick turnaround, but also provide the rapid prototyping engineering experience to save our customers time and money.

Rapid Prototyping Technologies

With expertise in a wide array of rapid prototyping technologies, ProtoCAM is well-equipped to handle any prototyping project. Additionally, ProtoCAM has the equipment and the expertise to build prototypes using:

Along with the varieties of available rapid prototyping technologies, materials and equipment, ProtoCAM has a wide variety of finish levels available to achieve the look and feel that is needed for each prototype. Finish options vary by process. Process and finish level requirements should be considered in the decision-making process.

Materials Used in Rapid Prototyping

A wide variety of materials are utilized by ProtoCAM to manufacture prototypes and are determined by the technology used and the desired application of the part. Contact ProtoCAM for assistance with the rapid prototyping design process and selection of materials for specific prototypes.


Rapid Prototypes from ProtoCAM – Key Benefits

  • Reduced design time and cost
  • Reduced testing time and cost
  • Fast part turn-around
  • Better visualization of products with a physical, solid, tactile item in addition to drawings and computer models
  • Testing can be based on form, fit, and function
  • Quick iterative testing
  • Wide variety of available prototype materials
  • Confidentiality of product development is assured


Rapid Prototyping vs Subtractive Manufacturing

Rapid prototyping is typically referred to as an additive fabrication technology because the process involves building up the object by adding successive layers. This process involves providing 3D CAD information to the rapid prototyping machine, which uses that data to incrementally create the object. This is different than traditional subtractive methods such as milling, turning, EDM, etc. Subtractive techniques begin with raw material that is larger than the object to be created and material is removed or carved out to create the end product.


Contact ProtoCAM for Rapid Prototyping Services

ProtoCAM is a leading rapid prototyping service provider. Please contact us for rapid prototyping services or to request a quote.