Advanced additive manufacturing and rapid industrial 3D prototyping services for defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture, consumer goods and more.

ProtoCAM’s team of engineers have decades of experience with everything from pre-production models to small batch fabrication in a full range of resins and metals. Tight tolerances, overlays, multi-color, snap-fit pieces or multi-material projects? No problem. ProtoCAM helps customers get products to market quickly, without roadblocks.

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    Stereolithography (SLA) Rapid Prototyping provides cosmetically superior parts in a variety of finish levels and offers the highest level of detail. SLA is one of the more versatile additive manufacturing techniques and can create parts with tight tolerances and heat resistance.

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    Selective Laser Sintering

    Selective Laser Singering (SLS) Rapid Prototyping provides durable, machinable parts with near injection strength and materials. SLS prototypes and parts can be created in different thermoplastic materials and require very little post-production processing.

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  • PolyJet-3D-Printing-Detail

    PolyJet 3D Printing

    PolyJet 3D Printing is the most advanced rapid prototyping method available and creates full color, multi-material pieces in a single rigid or flexible product or prototype. PolyJet is ideal for short-run production pieces or exceptional prototypes.

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  • SAMSUNG CSC - Urethane casting

    Urethane Castings

    Urethane Prototype Casting creates production-ready parts without machine tooling. This technique offers a quick and cost effective way of making multiple copies of a single prototype and is perfect for testing different materials for a single design.

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  • ProtoCAM Castings

    Metal Prototyping

    ProtoCAM offers various additive manufacturing techniques for producing metal parts and prototypes, primarily metal casting and direct metal laser sintering (DMLS). Each has its own best use case, when it comes to speed, durability, aesthetics and budget.

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  • FDM_Clip

    Fused Deposition Modeling

    Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) is a 3D rapid prototype technique that uses engineering-grade thermoplastics such as ABS and polycarbonate. FDM is ideal for test prototypes exposed to chemical, temperature or mechanical stress.

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    Multi Jet Fusion

    HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology produces quality, functional parts up to 10 times faster than competing processes. MJF technology processes parts in two fast area-wide passes to achieve top speed part production.

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  • “ProtoCAM's best attribute is their attention to detail and customer service. Their willingness and desire to keep in touch with me is impressive, and physical walkthroughs ensure quality standards are being met.” — Todd Frick, Versatek
  • “When we need to make a change, ProtoCAM always accomplishes it accurately. We see the results we planned on consistently. They do a very good job providing quality products.” — Rory Kiphart, Biomet
  • “There are many companies in the rapid prototyping business that are automated, and there’s no personal interface. That's the big difference between ProtoCAM and other companies.” — Jim Eldon, Design Associates
  • “I’ve worked with a lot of different rapid prototype houses and I've consistently ended up back at ProtoCAM. Quality is key and they deliver consistently. They’ve given us a significant advantage over our competitors.” — Dan Dunham, XOS
  • "As an emerging 3-D modeling student at DeSales University, it was an incredibly valuable opportunity to learn more about the new innovations in 3-D printing technology and how ProtoCAM couples its technical expertise with artistic value such as custom finishing to deliver a final product that exceeds the client's expectations." — Austin Kaplan, Desales University
  • “ProtoCAM's turnaround times are exceptional, and their prices compared to others are always better. There's a lot more value added in working with ProtoCAM.” — Matthew Bellenoit, B. Braun Medical
  • "ProtoCAM has been most helpful in responding to our needs. Their knowledge of stereolithography and CAD, and their application of these technologies has helped us reshape our ideas to reality in the shortest possible time frame." — Kenneth Raines, B. Braun Medical

Case Studies

  • Feature Image case study dgh

    As a producer of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, DGH Technology has a specialized customer base, and produces and sells several hundred of each of their products each year. As a company with lower-volume requirements, when DGH was searching for a way to produce their newest product, the Scanmate Flex, they turned to ProtoCAM for help in creating the unique housing for the product from start to finish.

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  • Feature Image case study wscam

    ProtoCAM has been involved in the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? (WSCM) contest for four years now, but the contest was originally created back in 2013 when the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) recognized the impact negative perceptions of manufacturing jobs were having on the manufacturing workforce.

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  • Feature Image cutngo

    Stephen Souders is the inventor of the revolutionary seatbelt-cutting device, the Cut N Go, the only locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seatbelt-cutting device and window breaker.

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  • Feature Image snap shot flask

    Samuel Foster is the inventor of the Snap Shot Flask, and the founder of Adaptive Measuring. A $100k decision led him to work with ProtoCAM and delve deep into the manufacturing process.

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  • Feature Image langhorne case study

    In any industry, original parts must one day be replaced. But that doesn’t need to happen at the expense of completely changing an authentic process. Langhorne Carpet Company faced this dilemma as they sought replacement for the core of their carpet-manufacturing process: the Jacquard cylinder. ProtoCAM is on the case!

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  • Feature Image catapults case study

    As a part of a recent event at Da Vinci Science Center, ProtoCAM set out to make 3D-printed catapults while testing which material, print method, and orientation would work best for this somewhat tricky design.

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  • Fader Plugs Logo

    Fader Plugs is an innovative product years in the making. Initially conceived by CEO and Founder Blaise Delfino in early 2015, the device is the first mechanical, adjustable earplug that allows the consumer to adjust sound attenuation without taking the device out of their ear. The product came to fruition with the help of the 3D printing experts at ProtoCAM.

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  • Streamlight alt logo

    Ross McLennan, an engineer in design and product development with Streamlight, has been a ProtoCAM customer since the very beginning, and he continues to utilize ProtoCAM to develop prototypes using the latest materials and print styles available.

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  • Introducing the Ball Cannon Football Launcher In 2008, Fred Hafer Jr. wanted to buy a football throwing machine for his son. After months of searching online and in sporting goods stores, he concluded that what he wanted didn’t exist. Eight years later, with the help of ProtoCAM’s additive manufacturing for plastic parts, Ball Cannon is…

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  • peeps

    To keep the production line running smoothly and turn out flawless product, Just Born, Inc. approached ProtoCAM to produce an internal conformity sample of a 5-chick PEEPS® cluster.

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  • CoaptFeature

    It was game-changing pattern recognition technology designed to improve control for patients requiring prosthetic arms that motivated the launch of Coapt, LLC, and their COMPLETE CONTROL™ system.

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  • Sealeze - ProtoCAM Case Study

    ProtoCAM has worked with Sealeze on multiple projects that span the product development cycle.

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  • Charles River Laboratories: ProtoCAM case study

    Charles River Laboratories worked with ProtoCAM to quickly develop a handheld medical test device to be used for scientific testing on NASA Space Shuttle flights

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  • Humanscale

    ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing are widely used by furniture designers and manufacturers to produce physical, tangible prototypes or working demonstration products for design and testing.

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  • ProtoCAM Case Study

    ProtoCAM recently worked with a customer on a medical rapid prototyping project involving knee replacement orthopedic prototype.

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  • ProtoCAM Case Study

    Learn how ProtoCAM helped a New York-based artist create 3D art pieces by utilizing stereolithography (SLA).

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