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ProtoCAM Will Continue to Offer Services During COVID-19

Here at ProtoCAM, we have been closely monitoring the news about COVID-19 as well as guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and our state and federal governments. On March 19, 2020, the Governor of Pennsylvania declared the closure of all businesses that are non-life-sustaining. ProtoCAM has been permitted to remain open during this time as a Plastics & Rubber Manufacturer and as a Medical Equipment and Supplies Manufacturer. We are prepared to assist with any supply chain or production disruptions our customers may be experiencing during this time.

Our number one priority is the welfare and safety of our associates, customers, and staff. Though ProtoCAM utilizes a digital manufacturing and ordering process, and thus requires no face-to-face human contact in order to deliver our high-quality products to our customers, we’re still exercising an abundance of caution during this current epidemic. We’re working to combat the spread of COVID-19 by suspending face-to-face sales calls, customer visits, facility tours, and all corporate travel through the immediate future. We are also implementing increased health and safety measures at our facility, including additional deep-cleaning and preventative safety measures for all staff. We feel that these measures are necessary in order to preserve the well-being of all contacts, customers, and staff along our supply chain. Should any unexpected delays in production or delivery occur, we will continue, as always, to keep our customers informed.

We value our customers and know that their production requirements do not cease even during a global epidemic such as this. As such, we will continue to offer the highest quality service and parts possible, and we look forward to serving our customers well past the situation at hand. ProtoCAM has capacity in multiple technologies to ensure quick-response manufacturing and delivery for any in-demand/out-of-stock parts with minimal human interaction. We are following and adhering to the best practices and guidelines from the WHO, the CDC, and our state and federal governments in offering our 3D additive manufacturing services 24/7 to help in the quick-response manufacturing of urgent-need service and production parts. We urge our customers to contact us at to assist with any supply chain issues that may arise during these unprecedented times. Any questions or concerns during this time and beyond can be directed to 610-261-9010.