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Rapid Injection Molding/Tooling

Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling Services

Rapid tooling fixturesProtoCAM is a leading provider of rapid injection molding and rapid tooling services, utilizing a wide variety of technologies, including prototype/bridge injection molding and tooling and short run/production injection molding and tooling. Rapid injection molding and rapid tooling combine 3D additive manufacturing technologies with traditional tooling concepts to produce a tool or mold from a CAD model, typically at a faster speed and lower cost compared to a mold that is machined by traditional methods. ProtoCAM offers rapid injection molding and tooling to generate:

  • Low quantity part runs
  • High Volume production

Lead times for rapid injection-molded prototypes and parts range from 2-6  weeks. ProtoCAM can supply complete rapid tooling services along with injection-molded parts.

ProtoCAM’s Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling Methods and Materials

Our customers’ requirements and expectations determine the method that we use to create their rapid injection-molded and tooled products. ProtoCAM will select the fastest and most cost-effective method available to meet your requirements. As the industry evolves, our in-house engineering team continues to stay up-to-date on the latest technologies and advancements in the industry in order to offer our customers the best processes and materials available with the quickest time to market.

What ProtoCAM Offers

ProtoCAM offers two different types of rapid tooling: prototype/bridge rapid tooling and short run/production rapid tooling.

Prototype/Bridge Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling for quantities from 50 to 2,000

Typical applications:

  • Validate part design
  • Validate material selection
  • Validate tooling concepts
  • Limited product life span
  • Supply parts while production tooling is being manufactured

Short Run/Production Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling for quantities from 1,000 to 100,000

Typical applications:

  • Finalized part design
  • Defined material requirements
  • Defined manufacturing quantities

Technical Overview of Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling

ProtoCAM uses aluminum tooling for our rapid injection molding and tooling. Aluminum tooling is a versatile approach to rapid tooling; it can be CNC machined, EDMed, textured, and can be used to create undercuts.

Materials Used in Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling

  • ABS
  • Acetal
  • Polycarbonate
  • Polycarbonate/ABS
  • Nylon
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyethylene

We can mold most all engineering and commodity thermoplastic materials.

Rapid Injection Molding & Tooling FAQs

Q: What lead times are available?A: Lead times range from 2-6 weeks

Q: Can part have undercuts?

A: Parts can be molded with undercuts. Cams, slides, and lifters can be incorporated into the molding/tooling. For low part volumes, hand-loaded inserts can be used to help keep costs down.

Q: Do I need draft?

A: As with any plastic part that is to be injection molded, draft is required. The degree of draft is dependent on several factors, including depth of draw, surface finish, textures, and more. A one degree draft is typically adequate.

Q: Can I have a texture applied?

A: Aluminum tooling can have textures applied. They can be bead blasted or sent out for specific textures.

Q: What type of CAD file will you need to quote injection molding/tooling?

A: The file formats required for injection molding/tooling quotes include STEP, IGES, , Native Creo or SolidWorks file types.


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