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ProtoCAM VP Receives Prestigious DINO Award

July 15, 2020

ProtoCAM’s Vice President of Additive Manufacturing, Ed Graham, has been honored with a DINO award from Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG). ProtoCAM’s CEO and Owner, Ron Belknap, previously received the award in 2010; unfortunately, Belknap’s award was destroyed in the fire that consumed our facility in 2013, but Graham contacted AMUG to present Belknap with a new DINO in 2017.

The Distinguished Innovator Operators Award (DINO) is AMUG’s most prestigious honor. It is bestowed upon those with the highest levels of additive manufacturing expertise and a willingness to share that knowledge through contributions to AMUG, its members, and the industry it represents. The DINO Award recognizes individuals for both their contributions and years of experience with additive manufacturing technology.

Each year, board members review the list of AMUG conference registrants and select no more than ten DINOs. This exhaustive review considers contributions to AMUG (e.g., speaker, volunteer); contributions to the additive manufacturing industry; years of hands-on work with an additive manufacturing technology; willingness to share and assist; skill level; and other subjective factors.

For 2020, AMUG welcomed ten new DINOs. Due to the postponement of the conference, the awards were presented virtually. The new DINOs’ efforts behind the scenes and from the public stage have advanced the technology and the applications that leverage its capabilities. Through direct contributions of time and energy, all have had a hand in making the AMUG Conference a positive experience for those seeking insights and information.

Gary Rabinovitz, AMUG chairperson and DINO Selection Committee chair, said, “This award recognizes not only experience, but also character and passion. Following a lengthy nomination and review process, the committee selected ten deserving individuals from dozens of qualified candidates.”

Over its 32-year history, AMUG has awarded DINOs to only 168 individuals. Although there are many deserving of the recognition as a DINO, AMUG limits this prestigious award to no more than ten individuals each year. We’re proud that not one, but two members of our staff here at ProtoCAM have been recognized by this fantastic award, and we will to continue to innovate and push to improve the additive manufacturing field!

To learn more about the DINO award, visit Watch the virtual award ceremony below and catch Graham’s award acceptance at timestamp 13:18!