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ProtoCAM Achieves Safety Committee Certification

December 6, 2019

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ProtoCAM regularly conducts meetings with an in-house Safety Committee made up of various members of our team to ensure we meet safety standards across our office and workshop. We recently began the process for certification to meet Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, Article X safety regulations, and have now officially received certification.  

The purpose of a safety committee is to bring workers and managers together to achieve and maintain a safe and healthful workplace. Effective workplace safety committees are a proven tool in reducing workplace injuries and illnesses, as well as producing significant savings for employers. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry recognizes the importance of labor-management certified committees for workplace safety in detecting and correcting workplace hazards.

Workplace safety committees play an important part in workplace accident- and illness-prevention efforts, and are essential to achieving continuous improvement in a safety program. Safety Committee Certification ensures efficient establishment and implementation of a workplace safety committee.

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