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Bead Blasting in Additive Manufacturing


The finishing process an area that sets one additive manufacturing company apart and bead blasting is a very effective method in removing the traces of the building process

Additive Manufacturing and Urethane Casting for Consumer Goods


Read about the success one company had in creating a working prototype for a consumer good that was later moved into mass production with help from ProtoCAM

The Advantages of Additive Manufacturing to Injection Molders


The Symbiosis Between Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing If you’re planning to create injection molded parts, consider working with a manufacturing partner who offers both injection molding (IM) and additive manufacturing (AM). You might find this combination at a single company, or through two companies working closely together. When injection molders and additive manufacturers work…

Rapid Development of Medical Devices

Medical Additive Manufacturing

How Additive Manufacturing Suits Any Type of Medical Device Additive manufacturing is the ideal way to create medical products. A variety of production processes allow you to design parts with internal tubes, channels, curves, and other features that are impossible to create with traditional machining or molding. Additive manufacturing makes it easy to create complex…

Additive Manufacturing Process Question and Answer


Additive Manufacturing 101: Common Questions It’s time to take the mystery out of additive manufacturing. Here are the answers to a few common questions about the industry and where it’s going. Here’s a little Q&A interview with Bob Holbrook, Sales and Marketing Manager. Are any well-known commercial products made with additive manufacturing? Thousands of products…

Additive Manufacturing Post Processing

Additive Manufacturing Post-Processing What is post-processing? Post-processing is an essential stage of additive manufacturing. It’s the last step in the manufacturing process, where parts receive finishing touches such as smoothing and painting. Why is post-processing important? Post-processing improves the quality of parts and ensures that they meet their design specifications. The finishing process can enhance…

Guideline for Additive Manufacturing Success

Mfg Success

Guide to Additive Manufacturing — Layering to Post Processing Part 1: The Basics Introduction: What is AM? Additive manufacturing (AM) creates objects by adding material together, bit by bit, until completion. Think of how a house of bricks is built—additive manufacturing builds objects in a similar way, starting with very small pieces of material and…

3d Printing Reduces Manufacturing Downtime

Using Industrial 3D Printing to Reduce Manufacturers’ Unplanned Downtime Production breakdowns can cost manufacturers thousands of dollars each minute, so savvy companies use 3D printing to reduce their unplanned downtime. Here are a few ways you can apply the benefits of additive manufacturing (industrial 3D printing) to improve your operations: AM: A fast, low-cost way…

Using Cloud Manufacturing as a Service


Why 2016 Will Mark the Beginning of Manufacturing as a Service (MaaS) In 2016, manufacturing as a service will change how goods are made around the world. First, what is MaaS? Manufacturing as a service is the shared use of a networked manufacturing infrastructure to produce goods. In other words, manufacturers use the internet to…

Additive Manufacturing Fourth Industrial Revolution

The 4th Industrial Revolution and Why It Matters Most textbooks talk about one industrial revolution, but we’ve actually been through three already. Now the fourth one is here. Read on to find out what the fourth industrial revolution is and why it matters. What is Industry 4.0? The fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry…