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2017 Year in Review at ProtoCAM

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          It’s been a great 2017! There have been tons of updates and innovations both in our facility and in the 3D additive manufacturing industry at large throughout this year. As we approach the new year, we wanted to reflect on how far we’ve come: We brought on a new talent…

Optimized 3D Production in the 4th Industrial Revolution

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              An industrial revolution represents a disruption to industries around the globe. We’ve experienced three industrial revolutions so far: the first used steam power to mechanize production; the second used electric power for mass production; and the third utilized electronics and information technology to automate production. Now we find…

ProtoTip: MJF, A Treasure Hunt for Parts

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Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is the latest innovation in 3D printing adopted by ProtoCAM. Its advanced processes produce parts up to 10 times faster than other print methods. This is achieved by utilizing thermoplastic powder as a material base. A layer of powder is applied to the work area, and then in the opposite direction, in one…

Introducing the HP Multi Jet Fusion

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We are currently taking orders for HP Multi Jet Fusion parts and prototypes! Introducing ProtoCAM’s newest printer, the HP Multi Jet Fusion! ProtoCAM is the first company to receive the HP Multi Jet Fusion Production Center on the East Coast, and accordingly is a member of HP’s Founder’s Program for this new printing technology. Several…

Additive Manufacturing vs Traditional Manufacturing

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              Infinite Innovations with Additive Manufacturing Additive manufacturing offers several benefits over traditional manufacturing. With additive manufacturing, you will: Save Time By utilizing additive manufacturing, you can get to market quicker by avoiding wasting valuable time waiting for retooling. If reworking the design is necessary, adjustments can simply be…

STEM Careers in Additive Manufacturing | ProtoCAM


Additive manufacturing and 3D printing offer a variety of careers for people who are involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education

3D Printed Sporting Goods with Additive Manufacturing | ProtoCAM

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With additive manufacturing you can create 3D printed sporting goods with custom design to increase performance and help to prevent injuries

Bead Blasting in Additive Manufacturing


The finishing process an area that sets one additive manufacturing company apart and bead blasting is a very effective method in removing the traces of the building process

Additive Manufacturing and Urethane Casting for Consumer Goods


Read about the success one company had in creating a working prototype for a consumer good that was later moved into mass production with help from ProtoCAM

The Advantages of Additive Manufacturing to Injection Molders


The Symbiosis Between Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing If you’re planning to create injection molded parts, consider working with a manufacturing partner who offers both injection molding (IM) and additive manufacturing (AM). You might find this combination at a single company, or through two companies working closely together. When injection molders and additive manufacturers work…