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Lehigh University Graduate Students Visit!

September 13, 2022

On Monday September 12th, ProtoCAM had students from Lehigh University’s Technical Entrepreneurship graduate program tour our facility. The students were visiting as a field trip for their Prototyping class taught by Brian C. Slocum, Managing Director of the Wilbur Powerhouse and Design Labs. 

ProtoCAM Project Engineer and Lehigh University graduate, Ben Metz, with Technical Entrepreneurship graduate students

About the Design Lab

The Design Lab comprises two different spaces – Additive and Maker. The Maker space includes more traditional manufacturing applications, such as, laser, CNC, milling for use in wood and metal. Work-study students are trained on all of the machines/applications available within the lab and then actively assist peer students with use and questions. This peer to peer relationship is integral to the lab’s success. The Design Lab is available to anyone, campus wide!

About the Technical Entrepreneurship Graduate Program

The graduate program begins in July of every year and concludes in the Spring semester with about 20 students participating. 2022 is now year ten of this program! Within the program, students will learn everything from product ideation, all the way through company launch – and everything in between.  The end goal is for students to fully understand the entire process, especially on the business side, of starting your own company. The program even includes coursework around intellectual property, patent searching and process.


Professor Slocum explains, “The reason I brought them here – in terms of prototyping, is that ProtoCAM has done such an amazing job, as a company, finding the niche of how you give customers an amazing end product”


About the Undergraduate Engineering Capstone Program

 Professor Slocum is a faculty advisor for the undergraduate capstone program for 4 different engineering disciplines.  He has been at the university for 22 years and attended Lehigh University as a student, studying Theater Design and Civil Engineering. The end goal of this capstone program is to incorporate all engineering disciplines into one program. The program begins when the students are second semester juniors and will conclude in the first semester of senior year. The students are paired with a corporate sponsor where they will apply their analytical skills and techniques, learning to bring a project to life. Previous sponsors include: AirProducts, Boeing, Cescaphe Event Group and more!

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