A Community Remembrance

September 19, 2022

Carson Matthew Flear, son of Brianna Leaman and Joel Flear, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 18 months old in 2019. It took his life in June 2022.

A cast plaster remembr ance of Carson’s hand was provided by the Hershey Medical Center to the family.

As friends of ProtoCAM, the Leaman/Flear family asked us if there was a way to preserve the delicate plaster casting so that the family would be able to handle and display it.

We called on our Supply Chain partners, Direct Dimensions, in Owings Mill, MD and RePliForm, in Baltimore, MD, to help us deliver a remembrance that could be strong and handled by the family without concern for breakage.

Direct Dimensions scanned the plaster casting and created an STL model of the hand. ProtoCAM then created the hand from the STL model using Stereolithography (SLA). The 3D printed model was delivered to RePliForm and they provided a nickel/bronze patina plating over the 3D printed SLA part to enhance and preserve it.

We are appreciative of the Leaman/Flear family for entrusting us to help them preserve this remembrance, as well as Direct Dimensions and RePliForm for their support in this effort for our friends.