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Associate Alert: ProtoCAM has a New Project Engineer

August 3, 2022

photo of Ben, the newest employeeMeet Ben, our Newest Associate!

ProtoCAM is excited to announce a new associate to our team! Ben Metz, a recent graduate of Lehigh University, started July 18, 2022 as a new Project Engineer. We wanted you to get to know him a little better. After all, he could be the one to work on your next 3D project!

His main focus was in his work study position at the Design Labs at Lehigh University. He also interned in a machine shop and last summer, he worked for Cornerstone Design. While he worked there, he had the opportunity to visit ProtoCAM to pick up some parts the company had ordered. About Lehigh University’s Design Labs, he said, “That’s the campus makerspace, and although it has something for everybody, it has everything for engineers like me. That’s where I got to learn more advanced 3D printing techniques as well as other processes like waterjet and laser cutting, vacuum forming, and embroidering.”

With this knowledge and education under his belt, that’s exactly what he’ll be doing for ProtoCAM. But he gets to do it with various kinds of printers and more advanced materials. 

As far as what he hopes to bring to the ProtoCAM team, Ben said, “Being somebody who has always enjoyed designing and making things to either solve a problem or have a new kind of fun, I hope to bring my creativity to the ProtoCAM team. I’m here to apply my skills toward making things happen that don’t seem possible.”

He’s quite excited for this new opportunity.

He wants to “push the limits of the materials and printing processes.” For instance, the clear resin that ProtoCAM prints with is advertised as capable of making lenses, and Ben wants to know if we could make eyeglasses. He says, “I’m also just excited to see all of the ideas flow through this place. For each new design I see I’ll always learn something about what’s possible, and it’s a great way to keep me on my toes.”

Associate Ben's lenses

Ben is putting his idea of lenses to the test already. These prototypes were created with his particular eye prescription in mind.

What he likes the most so far about working at ProtoCAM is the people. He’s had a positive experience and truly believes this company works as a team. 

Outside of work, Ben keeps busy. He’s been in theater, choir, dance, parkour and track and field. Most recently, though, he’s been spending his time designing and making his ideas come to life. He also likes reading, mountain biking, and spending time with his friends. 

We’re glad to have you as a part of our team, Ben!