ProtoCAM: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.

Case Studies

Revolutionizing the Welding Industry with The Tack Shield

When Mary Ann Terranova took a welding class as an elective in college, she would have never guessed that 30 years later, she’d be patenting and creating her own welding shield device. But that’s just what happened as she rediscovered the art of welding in retirement, and happenstance would lead her to bring The Tack Shield to life.

Beyond Innovation with C. F. Martin & Co.’s SC-13E Electric Acoustic Guitar

C. F. Martin & Co.’s SC-13E electric acoustic guitar is not just an innovation in guitar design; it’s a true fusion between tradition and revolutionary manufacturing techniques. The all-in-one guitar combines the traditional sound and look of an acoustic guitar with the playability and comfort of an electric model, all while featuring internal 3D-printed components. Assisting at the forefront of this unique integration were ProtoCAM’s additive manufacturing experts, as they helped the technicians at Martin realize what was possible with 3D printing and additive manufacturing technology.

Production for Protection: How ProtoCAM Helped During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a life-altering event, and most of us were caught off-guard by the swift spread of the virus. Here at ProtoCAM, when the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, we quickly assessed the situation and made appropriate adjustments to our facility in order to continue operations and protect our staff and customers. Once…

Cleaning Sinks & Conserving Water with The Sink Spinner

Bryan Alintoff is an inventor with a mission—to not only keep sinks clean, but to reduce water usage, too. He knows the pains of a dirty sink; having to constantly be scooping water all around the basin to splash away toothpaste, facial hair, makeup, and more, and also how much water this time-invasive process can use up. That’s why he created the Sink Spinner, a revolutionary device created with the assistance of ProtoCAM and the ever-evolving technology that is 3D additive manufacturing. It’s a project that will help conserve water for all—and cut down on cleaning time. 

Automotive Restoration: Producing Legacy Parts for a 1967 Sunbeam

Carl Moon, Vice President of Operations at Weldon Solutions, had a rather simple problem: he was looking for a particular part for an antique car. But the solution was a bit more complex: the part was rare, and those that were available had seen considerable wear over the years. With the original part no longer in production, and existing copies warped with time, Moon turned to 3D printing and ProtoCAM to aid him in creating a replacement he could showcase.

AM for Production: From Prototype to Finished Part with DGH’s Scanmate Flex

As a producer of ophthalmic diagnostic equipment, DGH Technology has a specialized customer base, and produces and sells several hundred of each of their products each year. As a company with lower-volume requirements, when DGH was searching for a way to produce their newest product, the Scanmate Flex, they turned to ProtoCAM for help in creating the unique housing for the product from start to finish.

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?: On Creating the Ever-Expanding Youth Program

ProtoCAM has been involved in the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? (WSCM) contest for four years now, but the contest was originally created back in 2013 when the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) recognized the impact negative perceptions of manufacturing jobs were having on the manufacturing workforce.

Cut N Go and Get Out Safely: Developing a Cutting-Edge Seatbelt-Slicing Device

Stephen Souders is the inventor of the revolutionary seatbelt-cutting device, the Cut N Go, the only locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seatbelt-cutting device and window breaker.

A $50k Decision: Inventing the Snap Shot Flask from Adaptive Measuring

Samuel Foster is the inventor of the Snap Shot Flask, and the founder of Adaptive Measuring. A $100k decision led him to work with ProtoCAM and delve deep into the manufacturing process.

Melding Old with New: Recreating Langhorne Carpet Company’s Jacquard Cylinder

In any industry, original parts must one day be replaced. But that doesn’t need to happen at the expense of completely changing an authentic process. Langhorne Carpet Company faced this dilemma as they sought replacement for the core of their carpet-manufacturing process: the Jacquard cylinder. ProtoCAM is on the case!