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Case Studies

What’s So Cool About Manufacturing?: On Creating the Ever-Expanding Youth Program

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ProtoCAM has been involved in the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing? (WSCM) contest for four years now, but the contest was originally created back in 2013 when the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) recognized the impact negative perceptions of manufacturing jobs were having on the manufacturing workforce.

Cut N Go and Get Out Safely: Developing a Cutting-Edge Seatbelt-Slicing Device

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Stephen Souders is the inventory of the revolutionary seatbelt-cutting device, the Cut N Go, the only locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seatbelt-cutting device and window breaker.

A $50k Decision: Inventing the Snap Shot Flask from Adaptive Measuring

Feature Image snap shot flask

Samuel Foster is the inventor of the Snap Shot Flask, and the founder of Adaptive Measuring. A $100k decision led him to work with ProtoCAM and delve deep into the manufacturing process.

Melding Old with New: Recreating Langhorne Carpet Company’s Jacquard Cylinder

Feature Image langhorne case study

In any industry, original parts must one day be replaced. But that doesn’t need to happen at the expense of completely changing an authentic process. Langhorne Carpet Company faced this dilemma as they sought replacement for the core of their carpet-manufacturing process: the Jacquard cylinder. ProtoCAM is on the case!

Testing Materials with 3D-Printed Catapults

Feature Image catapults case study

As a part of a recent event at Da Vinci Science Center, ProtoCAM set out to make 3D-printed catapults while testing which material, print method, and orientation would work best for this somewhat tricky design.

Fader Plugs: A “World’s First” in Hearing Protection

Fader Plugs Logo

Fader Plugs is an innovative product years in the making. Initially conceived by CEO and Founder Blaise Delfino in early 2015, the device is the first mechanical, adjustable earplug that allows the consumer to adjust sound attenuation without taking the device out of their ear. The product came to fruition with the help of the 3D printing experts at ProtoCAM.

From SLA to MJF: 3D Printing Through the Years

Streamlight alt logo

Ross McLennan, an engineer in design and product development with Streamlight, has been a ProtoCAM customer since the very beginning, and he continues to utilize ProtoCAM to develop prototypes using the latest materials and print styles available.

Rapid Prototyping Sporting Goods Case Study

Introducing the Ball Cannon Football Launcher In 2008, Fred Hafer Jr. wanted to buy a football throwing machine for his son. After months of searching online and in sporting goods stores, he concluded that what he wanted didn’t exist. Eight years later, with the help of ProtoCAM’s additive manufacturing for plastic parts, Ball Cannon is…

Food Manufacturing Case Study


To keep the production line running smoothly and turn out flawless product, Just Born, Inc. approached ProtoCAM to produce an internal conformity sample of a 5-chick PEEPS® cluster.

Prosthesis Development Case Study


It was game-changing pattern recognition technology designed to improve control for patients requiring prosthetic arms that motivated the launch of Coapt, LLC, and their COMPLETE CONTROL™ system.