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Shaping 2022: “Convergent Futures” at ProtoCAM

January 20, 2022

As we enter 2022, we find ourselves enveloped in an ever-changing climate, present in the additive manufacturing industry and the world at large. This state of affairs reveals a pressing need for global togetherness, mutual understanding, and collaboration across cultures, countries, and individuals. That’s why for 2022, we’re establishing a theme of “Convergent Futures,” a global theme first conceived of by Adweek for this historic time period.


At the top level, convergence is an evolutionary process where two or more living organisms form one interconnected structure…convergence is how we innovate, evolve, and grow.

For ProtoCAM, “Convergent Futures” means collaboration and innovation across communities, mutual regard for sustainability, and shared social responsibility and education through global awareness and cooperation. Throughout 2022 and beyond, we’ll be enacting these ideas right here in the Lehigh Valley as well as regionally, country-wide, and globally as we are able. Our priority is to create a better future for us all through mutual collaboration, and we hope you’ll join us in this initiative.

For now, check out how ProtoCAM and the additive manufacturing industry at large have already undertaken aspects of this initiative within our community and beyond:


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Social Responsibility:

Highlighting Women in Additive Manufacturing: Women’s History Month

Celebrating Diversity and POC in the Additive Manufacturing Industry


Celebrating World Environment Day w/ Environmental Accountability at ProtoCAM

Reinventing Toy Production with 3D Additive Manufacturing

We hope you’ll join us on our 2022 journey in Converging our Futures! Stay tuned to our news, blogs, case studies, and videos to see how we innovate next.