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Orthopedic Prototype Case Study

August 11, 2014

ProtoCAM recently worked with a customer on a medical rapid prototyping project involving knee replacement orthopedic prototype.


knee-replacement-sample-720676ProtoCAM has done extensive work with prototypes for medical applications. In this particular rapid prototyping project, the customer’s previous knee replacement orthopedic prototypes had either been created using a ThermoJet printer or selective laser sintering (SLS) and CastForm or DuraForm PA material.


Though largely effective, these medical device prototyping methods proved expensive and less than 100 percent accurate.


ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping experts found a better way to create the customer’s medical prototypes. Instead of using SLS, the knee replacement prototype was created by casting, using a stereolithography (SLA) pattern and foundry’s wax. This resulted in an extremely detailed and accurate device model, with a production-level surface finish.


The SLA/foundry’s wax prototype’s detailed finish was brought forward into a wax prototype that was later used in the investment casting process. Better, the cost was significantly lower than SLS or ThermoJet printing. And best, time to market was cut by almost an entire year.

ProtoCAM has a very strong practice in many different types of medical rapid prototyping, as this knee replacement prototype demonstrates. ProtoCAM has done work in:

  • Medical Device Rapid Prototyping
  • Medical Stereolithography
  • Rapid Prototype Physical Anatomical Parts
  • Medical Model Prototypes