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Prototype Development, Prototype Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Services



Excellence in Rapid Prototyping thru our manufacturing consulting servicesProtoCAM provides prototype development and prototype engineering assistance for all stages of the prototyping / product development cycle:

  • Concept
  • CAD drawing
  • Prototype
  • Product

Many product designers and engineers approach ProtoCAM with what we might call the "napkin sketch". So if your company does not have extensive product development capabilities, ProtoCAM can provide the prototyping services to help you begin this process. With our extensive product and prototype engineering experience, we can consult with you on part design, with an eye towards manufacturability and material selection for prototype and production. Our engineers are particularly familiar with plastics engineering, including mold design and material selection.

CAD drawing
We can use your 3D drawing, we can create a 3D CAD model from a 2D CAD drawing, or we can do the entire 3D CAD drawing from your concept sketch.

In creating and/or reviewing these CAD models, our engineers will provide guidance and suggestions on manufacturability, saving your time and money in tooling and production costs. Some of the things we consider are:

  • Production injection molding pieces of paint roller conceptAssembly functionality
  • Tolerances
  • Draft angles
  • Undercuts

Prototypes are used for many different purposes:

  • Demonstration - for show and tell or sales purposes only
  • Form, fit and function testing - to see if the part works where it would be used
  • Actual use - put into use

ProtoCAM will provide expert guidance on selecting the best rapid prototyping (RP) technology to meet your requirements. Our many years of prototype engineering and development experience, combined with our knowledge of new technologies and techniques in the prototyping industry, help us to assist you in selecting the most appropriate technologies and processes to create your engineering prototype.

Advances in the materials and technologies sometimes allow the part we make with RP tools to be used in or as the final product. We also do injection molding to create such final products. And in some cases, urethane casting, investment casting, reaction injection molding (RIM) can be used to make finished parts or products.

Contact ProtoCAM for Prototype Development, Prototype Engineering and Rapid Prototyping Services

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