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ProtoCAM Educates Lehigh Valley Community on Additive Manufacturing

October 23, 2014

ProtoCAM, a leading provider of value-added additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and industrial 3D printing services, is dedicated to sharing its knowledge and passion for additive manufacturing by providing educational opportunities to the Lehigh Valley community.

“At ProtoCAM, we strive to educate a broad range of individuals about the significance of additive manufacturing in today’s society, from high school students to experienced professionals,” said Ron Belknap, ProtoCAM’s President and CEO. “We’re deeply committed to improving our local community, through the best way we know; inspiring minds – young and old.”

ProtoCAM has recently hosted or participated in several events aimed to educate peers, students and community members. These events included:

  • A full-day presentation for experienced professionals at Jim Thorpe on July 31. The day consisted of two seminar-style group sessions, where teachers and business professionals learned about additive manufacturing techniques for the educational and industrial industries. ProtoCAM’s key lecture included details about the importance of additive manufacturing today, trends in the industry and why businesses and professionals should be interested in the evolving technologies available.
  • A lunch-and-learn for Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) on September 10. Ed Graham, ProtoCAM’s Engineering Manager, presented “3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing: A Service Bureau’s Perspective,” and a tour of ProtoCAM’s new facility and live demonstration followed. The event was attended by approximately 40 manufacturing professionals from the greater Lehigh Valley region.
  • Interactive presentations to high school freshmen at LCTI on September 16, and at Parkland School System’s STEM Academy Camp this past summer. Topics for these presentations included an introduction to 3D printing and additive manufacturing, the current and potential future benefits of these technologies, the realities of working in manufacturing in the 21st century and possible career paths.

“Today’s technological society demands strategic thinkers and problem solvers,” said Chuck Hawley, Technology Manager at ProtoCAM. “By exposing students to engineering and manufacturing at a young age, it not only hones crucial strategic skills, but cultivates better-educated future manufacturing professionals.”

To learn more about ProtoCAM’s recent and upcoming events click here.

About ProtoCAM

Based in Allentown, Pennsylvania, ProtoCAM is a leading provider of value-added additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping services for customers in a wide variety of industries, including defense, aerospace, automotive, medical, architecture and consumer goods. For more than two decades, engineers and product designers across the globe have turned to ProtoCAM to meet their prototyping needs because of the company’s collaborative process, commitment to service, unparalleled expertise and depth of knowledge.

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