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ProtoCAM Introduces New Member of Customer Service Team

February 18, 2021

Jared Schoenlein is the newest member of the ProtoCAM team! He joins us as Administrative Assistant in our customer service department.   

Jared Schoenlein, Administrative Assistant

Jared is our customers’ point of contact for all matters related to customer service and assistance with quotes and projects. Jared embraces his role as a ProtoCAM customer service representative each day by preparing quotes and meeting any and all of our customers’ needs.

Jared comes to us as an experienced jack of all trades of many different industries, with an extensive background as a sales specialist and coordinator. He has a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration, and has experience working at various manufacturing and installation facilities.  

Jared also has a particular interest in different technologies, especially “green” (sustainable) and alternative technologies. “I’m a tech enthusiast, so I’m regularly looking into science and technology, things like electric cars, self-driving cars, and 3D printing, Jared says. Despite his interest, Jared didn’t think he would ever be able to work for a 3D printing or additive manufacturing company. I never thought there were any [3D printing companies] local to meI always thought I’d have to drive several hours to get to anything like that, so it was a pleasant surprise!” Jared says of discovering the job opening at ProtoCAM. 

When looking further into ProtoCAM, Jared was also particular impressed with ProtoCAM’s commitment to sustainability and environmental initiativesas he has a background and interest in alternative energy. “Whenever I’ve looked at a job, I’ve always liked to assess the environmental impact. That’s why I was so happy to learn that ProtoCAM had the Multi Jet Fusion printer which reuses material, and we do recycling here, and other environmentally-sustainable things,” Jared says. At ProtoCAM, we’re always looking for ways to better help our environment by utilizing recycling, responsibly disposing of those materials which aren’t recyclable, and more; in our environmental initiatives program, we regularly gather and apply ideas for how to make our facility more environmentally friendly and sustainable. 

When discussing his favorite part about coming to work at ProtoCAM, the answer came easily to Jared. “It’s the atmosphere, easily. I talk to every person here, and pretty much every one of them has an interesting story and is open to talking about things, Jared emphasizes. Our ProtoCAM Distinction means this kind of atmosphere is constant here at ProtoCAM, and our customer service representatives as well as our engineers are easily accessible to consult on your unique additive manufacturing project. 

Jared also appreciates how ProtoCAM reinvests in itself and continues to expand its offerings for its ever-evolving customer base. “I like to see that we’re constantly reinvesting in the company with new technology, like how we got the Carbon [Digital Light Synthesis] machine, and there are many different materials we’re looking to bring’s neat to see, and I’m curious what other technologies we’re going to get into,” Jared says excitedly. 

Outside of work, Jared describes himself as a gamer in every sense of the word, with an interest in video games, board games, outdoor activities, sports, and more. Jared also has his own podcast, which is helping him to better expand his knowledge and skills in the audiovisual (AV) field, as well as technology in general. 

Jared has thoroughly enjoyed his time at ProtoCAM so far, and looks forward to continuing to develop in his role as our administrative assistant. “The experience at ProtoCAM has been exceptional to say the least. The training is very thorough, and the family-like atmosphere is a huge plus as I can really feel the camaraderie and mutual respect from everyone,” Jared says. Jared reiterates that it’s this atmosphere that really makes him feel at home at ProtoCAM. “You don’t have this everywhere...everybody cares very much about the people here, and they really want to do what’s best for the customer. 

We’re so pleased to have Jared join our team of professionals, and look forward to showcasing all Jared’s capabilities here at ProtoCAM. Welcome to the team!