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ProtoCAM to Launch Instant Quoting Platform

August 15, 2019

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“We understand there is a big gap in the additive manufacturing space when it comes to quoting—most companies offer either an online platform with little or no customer support, or they offer full support with no instant option. We want to be the first to offer our customers both options—instant pricing as well as engineering support and customer service. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience, and we feel this will be the best option for any level project.” – Ed Graham, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at ProtoCAM

UPDATE: Our Instant Quoting Platform is now LIVE.

Beginning in Early 2020, ProtoCAM will introduce its new instant quoting platform.

Currently, ProtoCAM offers comprehensive quoting via our team of experienced engineers. Quoting generally takes just a few hours, and requests for quotes are analyzed and answered personally by our team.

With our new instant quoting system, customers will be able to upload their STL files and details and immediately receive a quote prior to placing an order. This new system will streamline our operations and allow customers to order parts more quickly, while allowing our engineers to shift their focus to aiding customers with projects requiring additional assistance and helping to accelerate the 3D additive manufacturing process.

The platform will allow customers to create private profiles, which they will utilize with each quote request. Projects can be reordered with the click of a button, with the additional option to make changes to materials, special features, etc. Within the platform, customers can also experience how different materials and finishes change their final quote, which will allow them to make appropriate budgetary decisions.

At launch, projects utilizing Multi Jet FusionStereolithography, and Fused Deposition Modeling will be quotable using our new instant quoting system, with other technologies added gradually. Our original quoting form will be available for our other technologies, as well as for projects requiring more in-depth assistance.

With this new quoting platform, ProtoCAM hopes to streamline the quote requesting process for our customers and make it easier than ever for their 3D additive manufacturing projects to be printed, finished, and delivered. Stay tuned to our weekly emails to be notified as soon as this new platform launches!