ProtoCAM: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.

NEPA Innovation Conference Presentations

May 16, 2016

Ed Graham, ProtoCAM’s Engineering Manager, has been selected to present on multiple additive manufacturing topics at the inaugural Northeast Pennsylvania Innovation Conference at the Kalahari Resort.

On June 2nd and 3rd 2016, engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, manufacturing and industry leaders, and many other interested parties, will convene at the Pocono’s newest premiere resort for two full days of information. Participants will learn about the latest techniques and materials used in additive manufacturing, as well as the technology behind them, innovations on the horizon, and how to capitalize on the these advances for corporate competitive advantage.

Ed looks forward to sharing what ProtoCAM has learned over the last couple decades of developing and providing additive manufacturing techniques. “Having deep additive manufacturing experience here in our region allows manufacturers to quickly print and test multiple iterations of new designs, and physically ensure the concepts and parts work well before incurring the time and expense of permanent hard tooling. In some cases, direct manufacturing is also being used for short-run production to meet needs until hard tooling and mass manufactured parts are ready. Having this knowledge base in the area will attract large companies to look for expertise and ultimately provide new jobs.”

Additionally, Ron Belknap, President and CEO will be featured in the Additive Manufacturing Education Board discussion. Of the panel discussion, Ron said: “We’re excited to see visibility of additive manufacturing’s benefits grow in the last few years. With that visibility has come an escalating demand for applicants with advanced technical training. Friday morning’s Careers and Education in Additive workshop will bring together experts from education, industry, and manufacturing to discuss the increasing need for graduates experienced in new manufacturing technology, and how educational institutes can help students prepare for these great careers.”

Join Ed, Ron, and other experts from an array of manufacturing and research fields. You’ll enjoy useful seminars and panel discussions from local experts on the latest developments in additive manufacturing, and how it can be used to enhance your business, school, or design endeavors.