ProtoCAM: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.

NYC Additive Manufacturing shows

March 18, 2016

Join ProtoCAM in the Big Apple the second week of April. We’ll be there most of the week to educate and answer questions on the latest 3D advances: April 11-12 at the Javits center, and the 13-14th in Secaucus.

“ProtoCAM has been doing professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing for over twenty years, so attendance at both shows just makes sense.” said Ed Graham, Engineering Manager. “Last year when we attended the Inside 3D Printing show, but didn’t put up a booth, we were bombarded with requests for more information about the professional side of 3D printing, and what we offer as a service bureau. This year we’re answering that call, and look forward to better helping those looking for advanced 3D print services.”

But work in the New York doesn’t end there. ProtoCAM’s booth and personnel go directly from Javits Center across the river to Secaucus for the Design 2 Part show the following two days.

“Timing will be tight, but the back to back shows will be a great way to help and educate two distinct communities of professional 3D printing users.” Ryan Schmidt, Quality Manager explains: “Inside 3D Printing is geared mostly toward the developer and maker community. Design 2 Part focuses more on established industrial manufacturing entities and engineers. Both groups make great use of 3D and additive manufacturing technology, but in slightly different ways and with a little different set of objectives.”

Whichever show best fits your needs or schedule, we look forward to meeting you and helping with your professional 3D printing and additive manufacturing questions and projects. Of course, if you’re ready to move forward now, you can request a quote, get in touch to further discuss, or simply give us a call at 610-261-9010.

**NOTE- we were able to upgrade our location at Inside 3D Printing and will now be in booth 319, Design-2-Part will still be booth 232.