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ProtoTip: Advanced Finishing for Special Projects

September 22, 2020

At ProtoCAM, much of the work for our 3D printed parts and products happens behind the scenes in our finishing workshop. Our additive manufacturing (AM) technicians take our AM products and transform them into final end products using various finish levels and post-processing methods.

But what about those special projects; ones that require more beyond our listed finishing levels? For these projects, we offer our special, advanced finishing capabilities to bring your project to the next level.

As part of the ProtoCAM Distinction, our experienced engineers work closely with our customers on their unique projects to understand exactly what their goals are and what they would like their end product to be. We want to provide the exact product you’re looking for, and what you need might not always fit into our prescribed finish levels.

This is where our Advanced Finishing options come into play; because our engineers are available throughout the entire additive manufacturing process, we get to know your project intimately, and can work with you to discover the right finishing techniques for your particular project, based on your end-use and final presentation needs.

Once your initial piece is printed, our engineers work hand in hand with our AM technicians to ensure they understand and are able to deliver the exact final product our customers require. Our AM technicians have over 25 years of experience honing their finishing techniques, and they utilize this experience to create end-use, presentation-ready products with an unrivaled level of detail.

We offer such finishing techniques as painting, color matching, internal and external smoothing, internal and external sanding, plating, advanced clarity options, dyeing, medical-grade finishing, metal inserts, priming, removal of build lines, removal of stair stepping, and more. We utilize an in-house paint booth and industrial-grade painting equipment, as well as Polane paints and automotive clear coats help our parts stand up to production applications that require a superior finish.

Contact us today to discuss your unique AM project, and let us work with you to discover the advanced finishing techniques that are right for you and your unique AM project. You can also review our Advanced Finishing Gallery to check out more of the advanced finishing projects we’ve created for our customers and for in-house presentation.

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