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What Colors Can I Choose for My PolyJet 3D Prototype?

July 9, 2015


The colors available with PolyJet 3D printing are stunning. They are also inextricably linked to the flexibility of the part.

AskProtomanProtoCAM’s state-of-the-art Objet500 Connex3 PolyJet 3D printer can produce as many as 45 colors in a single rigid or flexible prototype. While not all colors are available for all durometers, PolyJet pieces are created by mixing three tanks of base resins in any number of combinations yielding hundreds of possible material properties in a wide varieties of colors.

PolyJet colors are organized into 20 palettes (14 rigid and 6 flexible) each with a wide variety of individual colors. The color palette pdf is a great resource for technical details, but doesn’t fully represent the vivid possibilities, that’s why ProtoCAM is always willing to provide photo samples of actual printed palettes.

While ProtoCAM recommends starting all projects with an end-use assessment, for PolyJet 3D printing, it is a step essential to determining the color capabilities—or palettes—available for your unique part or prototype. In the end, you may decide a wider color palette is more important than a soft or flexible component, or vice versa. There are essentially three categories into which all parts fall and both opaque and translucent color options are available for each:

  • Rigid parts
  • Flexible parts
  • Combination rigid and flexible parts (used for over-mold components)

Read more about PolyJet color capabilities and get design tips in our Learning Series article. Or, get a quote for your industrial 3D printed project today.