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Technology in Action - Stereolithography Video and RTV Mold Video



Stereolithography (SLA) Animation Video

SLA Machine Video

See stereolithography / SLA technology in action! This computer-generated animation demonstrates the actions of the SLA machine. The laser can be seen tracing each layer of the part, as the part is lowered into the resin. The completed part is then raised out of the resin tank, ready to be used.

Or download stereolithography rapid prototyping video animation files:

Download QuickTime Format (.MOV) ~1.6MB

Download Video for Windows Format (.AVI) ~1.4MB


Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) Molding Animation Video

RTV Mold Video

This animation shows the various steps taken when creating an RTV mold. First, risers are put on the part to allow air to escape from the final mold. A thin film is attached to the part, which will act as a seam for the final mold. A box is built around the entire structure, and it is filled with silicone rubber. Once the silicone rubber has cured, the box and risers are removed, the mold is opened at its seam, and the original part is removed. Any type of urethane can now be injected in the mold to create an exact duplicate of the original.

Or download RTV molding video animation files:

Download QuickTime Format (.MOV) ~2.0MB

Download Video for Windows Format (.AVI) ~3.4MB

Download MPEG Format (.MPG) ~0.5MB

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