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RTV Mold Making and RTV Silicone Molding



Room temperature vulcanization moldProtoCAM offers RTV mold making for short-run production.  There are many RTV casting materials, making Room Temperature Vulcanization (RTV) molding ideal when your production material is going to be a plastic injection molded resin. After your stereolithography prototype design has been approved, the SLA part can be prepared for use as an RTV molding pattern.

RTV Mold Making Process

RTV mold making is a process used to generate a tool to create short runs. Depending on geometry, master patterns can typically produce aproximately twenty five castings. Master patterns are usually stereolithography prototypes that have been sanded, primed, and painted to produce a Level 4 finish. In some cases, other physical prototypes can be used as patterns. The mold design is determined, and one half of the mold is mocked up using the master pattern and a two part liquid silicone rubber is poured over it, capturing all of the detail in the surface finish. After curing, the other half of the mold, complete with a fill for the urethane material and vents for air to escape, is prepared and then poured. When the second half of the mold is ready, the master pattern is removed and the mold is ready for use. Molds are retained at ProtoCAM for a year before being disposed of. See also our Urethane Castings page for information on the process of using a room temperature vulcanization mold to produce polyurethane castings. Please also check ProtoCAM's RTV tooling policy.

Key Benefits

  • High degree of accuracy is maintained in the copy, including surface finish
  • Parts without draft, or with undercuts, can be reproduced
  • Fast turn-around of castings (up to several parts per shift, after the mold is complete)
  • Different materials can be used for each casting, making it possible to test your design with a variety of material properties

RTV Mold Materials

  • Liquid silicone rubber
  • Urethane / Polyurethane

Contact ProtoCAM for RTV Mold Making / RTV Mold Making

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