ProtoCAM: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.

Additive Manufacturing Services

With more than 20 years of additive manufacturing experience, ProtoCAM offers a wide variety of prototyping services. Whether you need an attractive presentation model, a durable piece for product performance testing or even a metal piece, our team of engineers can help you get exactly what you need – fast.

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About Additive Manufacturing

ProtoCAM has long been synonymous with rapid prototyping. But we also serve the additive manufacturing and rapid manufacturing needs of clients large and small.

Rapid prototyping is used for making parts (product prototypes) for the design or testing phase. Additive manufacturing takes that one step further, making the finished product for use by the end user. Typically, this is a short production run – from a single piece to a few hundred items. Additive manufacturing is also called rapid manufacturing or direct digital manufacturing.

What is additive manufacturing?

Rapid manufacturing is a relatively new concept, made possible by vast improvements in resins and materials used in the processes. Until recently, a stereolithography prototype would not have been suitable for use as a finished product – though fit and finish would have been correct, durability would have been lacking.

Fortunately, the resins used in additive manufacturing today allow for the creation of fully functional items that can be used immediately. This means additive manufacturing has become a viable method of creating finished goods. And because those resins and materials are always improving, ProtoCAM can create an ever-growing variety of items using additive manufacturing techniques.

Why ProtoCAM additive manufacturing?

ProtoCAM’s two decades of experience in the rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing industry makes us the ideal additive manufacturing partner. We specialize in creating market-ready items directly from 3D CAD models, allowing for:

  • Zero or near-zero tooling costs, which are usually rather high
  • Low production cost overhead
  • Vastly increased production speed
  • Vastly decreased time to market

What is a good part for additive manufacturing?

A typical item that ProtoCAM can create with additive manufacturing has these characteristics:

  • Small size
  • Low quantity
  • Previously made with low volume injection molding, epoxy or aluminum tooling
  • Limited product life span
  • Defined quantities needed
  • Geometry that cannot easily be made using traditional manufacturing methods