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ProtoCAM Adds New Member to Customer Service Team

ProtoCAM is pleased to announce the recent addition of Zoraida Esquilin to our customer service team. She joins our additive manufacturing facility as Administrative Assistant. Zoraida pic

Esquilin comes to ProtoCAM with a range of working experiences, most recently as the office manager at a molding and CNC facility. Esquilin also has extensive experience in financing and accounts payable, as well as other customer service prowess. Her expertise includes a thorough understanding of our SAP customer system, both on the business end and the technical functions of the software.

Though new to the field of 3D additive manufacturing, Esquilin’s diverse background in many different areas of customer service and business management means her perspective will be invaluable in maintaining and contributing to ProtoCAM’s customer service team and offerings. Her primary goals are to simplify ProtoCAM’s customer service processes and participate in maintaining a smooth-running operation.

“I’m looking forward to contributing to research and development, implementation, and determining easier ways to get things done by streamlining,” Esquilin said.

Esquilin is also Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) certified and will be joining our safety committee. She will continue to push our efforts to maintain a clean and environmentally-conscious workshop and 3D-printing facility.

Outside of customer service, Esquilin is an accomplished pastry chef, having graduated from the New York Restaurant School. We’re excited to showcase all of Esquilin’s talents as she begins work with us here at ProtoCAM!