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SLA Golf Prototype

February 16, 2014

Andy Kossowsky is always looking for ways to improve the things he uses. An avid golfer and an inventor at heart, Kossowsky was dissatisfied with the typical driving range experience.

He felt it was unfortunate there were not many advantageous places where he could put his golf clubs without the fear of having them get damaged or forgotten. That dissatisfaction was the impetus for creating the UpGrade Golf Systems products, where both his golf tray and range divider can conveniently hold up to 8 clubs.

Kossowsky found ProtoCAM by searching on Google for “plastic prototypes” and noted that ProtoCAM was located not too far away from his New York location. Kossowsky contacted ProtoCAM and spoke with Engineer Ed Graham who guided him to ProtoCAM’s business partner Jim Eldon of Eldon Design Associates. Eldon worked with Kossowsky to move the product development process further along and create the 3D CAD model of the first product, The UpGrade Ball Tray.
range-divider-cad-714276ProtoCAM produced the stereolithography prototype in short order and on budget, which Kossowsky used to test and make adjustments in the size of some of the golf club holes. Another prototype was made and this second iteration tested out perfectly.

The second product made was the Range Divider. ProtoCAM again provided the SLA prototype from the 3D CAD model provided by Kossowsky and Eldon. The Range Divider was tested and an improvement in the anchoring system is now complete.

Accura 60 material was the stereolithography material used for all the SLA prototypes.

Kossowsky comments that he “feels spoiled by the experience” because of ProtoCAM’s great service and he “can’t wait to work with ProtoCAM again in the future.”

For manufacturing the products, Kossowsky is now sourcing to make the product using injection molding with polyethylene.

range-divider-742305About the UpGrade Golf Products

Both tray and divider provide upright storage and easy access for up to eight golf clubs regardless of grip size. The use of these products eliminates lost clubs that may be left behind or damaged from leaving clubs on the ground or against a fence. The Ball Tray can hold in excess of 90 balls and the Range Divider will allow for an improved area to a person to organize the balls to be used on the range. Both products have a designated area to be used for advertising where the cost of the advertising space can essentially pay for the cost of the tray/divider and in time, will make money for the driving range owner.