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ProtoTip: Rapid Prototyping at ProtoCAM

May 18, 2021

At ProtoCAM, our slogan is “Excellence in Additive Manufacturing”…but did you know that it was formerly “Excellence in Rapid Prototyping“? While our focus has shifted alongside the industry towards rapid production and manufacturing, we also offer our high-quality rapid prototyping services to meet just about any industry or product requirement. Need a prototype part or prototype casting fast? We’re here to help!

Every prototype part created at ProtoCAM starts with a 3D CAD file. Once we receive a 3D file, our experienced in-house engineers utilize their skills in Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) to ensure your project is optimized for printing with techniques like generative design and topology optimization. By choosing additive manufacturing for prototyping, your ProtoCAM engineer can make any changes to your 3D design file quickly, and produce as many prototypes as you need with any slight variations required for testing purposes.

So you’ve got your 3D file; now it’s time to decide on quantity, material, technology, and more. How do you determine what’s right for your project?

We offer customers direct access to our team of engineers and prototyping specialists and their encyclopedic knowledge of additive manufacturing methods and materials. Our experienced engineers work with each customer on their unique project to understand exactly what their goals are and how they would like their end product to perform, look, and feel.

With just about every additive manufacturing method available in-house at our facility, we can help ensure your prototype plastic part (or metal part!) meets your exact specifications. Plus, the ProtoCAM Distinction means that we’re available throughout the entire additive manufacturing process, from initial idea to end product, with the capabilities and know-how to guide any project–from prototype to production–to completion.

One last step is required to bring your prototype part or prototype casting to life — finishing! Our team of advanced finishing technicians are experienced in performing end-product post-processing to provide our customers with prototypes that look and perform beautifully. We offer EMI shielding, labeling, inserts, plating, painting, and more finishing techniques in our finishing workshop; visit our post-processing and finish levels page to learn about our other options.

Now that you’ve got your finished prototype, what’s next? With our specialization in rapid manufacturing and production services, we can manufacture your product right here at ProtoCAM! Once you get the right iteration of your prototype, we can help you to get your product into production and out onto the market.

At ProtoCAM, we strive to provide consistently high-quality prototypes as quickly and as cost-effectively as possible. Our team specializes in helping get prototypes into customers’ hands quickly and meet their project goals. Learn more about rapid prototyping here!

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