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ProtoTip: MJF, A Treasure Hunt for Parts

November 15, 2017

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology is the latest innovation in 3D printing adopted by ProtoCAM. Its advanced processes produce parts up to 10 times faster than other print methods. This is achieved by utilizing thermoplastic powder as a material base. A layer of powder is applied to the work area, and then in the opposite direction, in one continuous pass, fusing and detailing agents are printed across the full working area, followed by diffusing energy to complete the fusing process.

Printing in powder allows us to fit parts in a print bed not only along the x and y axes, but also along the z axis, creating volumetric efficiency.

MJF x y z









Once the parts are printed and cooled, the real adventure starts: the treasure hunt for parts. Each 3D-printed part lies hidden in the bed of plastic powder. To uncover the part, we use a vacuum system within the HP Post-Processing Production Center to gently vacuum away several layers of powder. The filled build tray is loaded into the post-processing unit, and the hunt begins.

treasure mjf1








Other vacuum brush heads are interchangeable depending on the intricacies of the part and the volume of powder needed to be siphoned away. The finishing technician undergoing this process is not unlike an archeologist uncovering some ancient artifact; they sift and pull away each layer until the printed part emerges.

treasure mjf4







The removed powder is recycled; as it is pulled through the system, the used powder merges with fresh powder. The system blends the powder to produce a 20% new material to 80% recycled material blend that is utilized in every build.

After careful removal of each part, the parts still have a layer of loose powder surrounding them. This is easily removed through use of a bead blaster.

treasure mjf3








At this stage, the parts emerge from their white encasement to reveal the finished gray part. The gray coloring is a result of the white powder combining with the black fusing and detailing agents.









ProtoCAM finishes each MJF part with a quick trip to the dye tank to create perfect, black, uniform piece.









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