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ProtoTip: Instant Quoting for Near-Instant Results

August 13, 2020

Most of our customers and prospective customers are familiar with our engineer-assisted quoting form: you simply head on over to our Request a Quote page, fill out your information, upload your parts files, and hit submit, at which point our experienced engineers will review your project and personally get back to you, generally within just a few hours. But have you tried our Instant Quoting Platform?

With our instant quoting platform, users are able to upload their 3D CAD files and immediately see real-time costs in a variety of technologies, materials, and finish options prior to placing an order. This system allows users to order parts more quickly, and helps to accelerate the 3D additive manufacturing process. Our current technologies compatible with instant quoting are SLA, MJF, SLS, FDM, and PolyJet.

“We understand there is a big gap in the additive manufacturing space when it comes to quoting—most companies offer either an online platform with little or no customer support, or they offer full support with no instant option. We want to be the first to offer our customers both options—instant pricing as well as engineering support and customer service. We are always looking for ways to improve our customer experience, and we feel this will be the best option for any level project.” – Ed Graham, Vice President of Additive Manufacturing at ProtoCAM

Instantly quoted projects can be reordered with the click of a button, with the additional option to make changes to materials, finishing options, etc. Within the platform, users can also experience how different materials and finishes change their final quote, which allows them to make appropriate budgetary decisions.

Need extra help? Our QuickTips for Instant Quoting video series answers common questions we receive from real customers regarding our instant quoting system. Our instant quoting introductory video is also very helpful if it’s your first time utilizing our instant quoting platform, as is our PDF Users Guide.

Of course, our engineer-assisted quoting form is still always available to our customers; in fact, introducing our instant quoting platform has the dual benefit of allowing our engineers to shift their focus to aiding customers with projects requiring additional assistance. The platform helps to streamline the quote-requesting process for our customers and prospective customers, and makes it easier than ever for their 3D additive manufacturing projects to be printed, finished, and delivered.

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