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ProtoTip: Engineering & Design Solutions via Materials for 3D Printing

December 4, 2020

At ProtoCAM, we offer several liquid, filament, and powder-based 3D printing processes to meet your prototyping and small-batch production requirements. Within our 3D printing and additive manufacturing processes, we utilize a variety of materials with unique qualities to bring your unique 3D project to life.

Our 3D polymer printing processes offer solutions utilizing both thermosetting and thermoplastic materials to deliver the results you need. These polymer materials meet a wide range of regulatory, engineering, and cosmetic standards, including:

-USP Class VI                                         -Flame Retardent (V0)

-Biocompatible                                     -ISO 10993-5/-10

-UV Stable                                                -Sterilizable

-Rigid polymers                                      -Flexible polymers (starting at 15A)

-Clear/translucent                                 -Custom colors

-High heat resistence                            -Chemical resistance

-High Impact polymers                        -Custom textures/lattices            

At ProtoCAM, we strive to provide the engineering and design solutions you require through our various material offerings and their unique properties. Give us a call at 610-261-9010 to speak with an engineer or request a quote to discuss your product requirements and our available material deliverables today.

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