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ProtoTip: The Interactive Customer Journey

October 20, 2021

At ProtoCAM, our number one priority is getting to know our customers and their unique projects so that we can deliver the best products possible. For “Get to Know Your Customers Day,” we’re sharing what our customer journey looks like from start to finish, and how we keep the process interactive and educational with The ProtoCAM Distinction.

Our journey begins when you place an order via our online quoting options. You have the choice between utilizing our instant quoting platform, or our engineer-assisted quoting form. No matter which you choose, our customer service representatives will review your project requirements and contact you with any clarifications that might be needed before passing the project on to our experienced engineers. Our friendly customer service staff will also remain in contact with you throughout the manufacturing process regarding your project timeline, cost, and delivery requirements.

Once our engineers receive your unique 3D project, they will connect with you to discuss technology, materials, and finishing options. Not sure about the best options for your project? Our engineering experts will work with you to discuss which options will yield ideal results and best meet your needs, educating you along every step of the additive manufacturing process. We work with our customers and their projects on an individual basis in order to understand exactly what their goals are and what they would like their end product to be, and then help bring that vision to life.

Your project then moves on to manufacturing, where it is carefully monitored by our engineers to ensure excellence in every build. After the part is built, our finishing technicians step in to complete the additive manufacturing process, utilizing the project details discussed with your engineer to finalize your ideal end part with our advanced finishing techniques. Finally, your part is inspected to ensure compliance with your specific parameters, and then carefully packaged using environmentally-friendly materials and shipped to your desired location, thus completing the customer journey.

Here at ProtoCAM, we do additive manufacturing differently. The ProtoCAM Distinction means that we’re available throughout the entire additive manufacturing process, from initial idea to end product, and we have the capabilities and know-how to guide any project–from prototype to production–to completion. Join us on our customer journey to discover your ideal end product today.

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