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Innovating Invention with Additive Manufacturing

December 8, 2021

From time immemorial, inventions have shaped the world we lived in, and helped humans to continue to evolve and innovate. With time and the introduction of product patenting, the process to create unique, new products has simultaneously become both easier and more difficult, as new manufacturing techniques have allowed for significant production opportunities, while more obstacles to developing and securing ownership over inventions have arisen.

Fader Plugs

Innovations in additive manufacturing have helped to alleviate some of these difficulties by allowing for instantaneous changes to digital files and low investment cost compared to traditional manufacturing techniques, as well as significant opportunities for innovations in design. At ProtoCAM, we further assist inventors by helping connect them to the resources they need, including trusted designers, scanners, logistical planning, and more, as well as producing proof-of-concept and presentation models for use before full production, which we an also assist with.

ProtoCAM has assisted in bringing to life many unique inventions through our additive manufacturing services, which are showcased via our case studies. Some of these inventions include:

  • Fader Plugs, the world’s first mechanical, adjustable earplug; the device allows the consumer to adjust sound attenuation without taking the device out of their ear
  • The Tack Shield, a protective device for use in welding which attaches to a welding torch and creates a safe barrier between the welder and the flame, without the clunky nature of a full helmet
  • Sink Spinner, a revolutionary device that attaches to most every faucet and helps to clean sinks while simultaneously conserving water
  • Cut N Go, the only locked on, self-enclosed, manually guided, childproof seatbelt-cutting device and window breaker available
  • …and many other products

    Sink Spinner

Outside our facility, inventors are utilizing the unique features inherent in 3D printing to launch their own inventions. Impact Footwear uses 3D printing to manufacture the eco-friendly, customizable IMPACT F1 Flip Flop, which was created it to change the wasteful way consumers tend to think about flip flop sandals. Headmade Materials partnered with 3D printing service bureau Element22 to develop a novel metal 3D printed bike pedal design that is inspired by aerospace designs and extremely light and durable. Italian FabLab and bottom-up research hub OpenDot created a customizable writing tool called GLIFO using 3D printing technology that can help children with complex neurological disorders express their creativity while also enabling a rehabilitation process.

Both the products created at ProtoCAM and those made outside our facility are just a sampling of the innovative and world-changing inventions made possible through additive manufacturing. Whether you’re launching a new invention or continuing production on an existing project, ProtoCAM is here to help bring your 3D product to life. We offer both prototyping and full production services, and operate as a one-stop shop for product creation, with resources for design, scanning, patenting, and more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you invent and produce your vision!

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