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National Dinosaur Day: A DINO-mite ProtoCAM Showcase

May 12, 2021

National Dinosaur Day is May 15th, but here at ProtoCAM, we’re always having a roaring good time!

In fact, we’ve got a couple of old bones right here at ProtoCAM! With their years of expertise in the additive manufacturing field, Ron Belknap, our CEO and Founder, and Ed Graham, ProtoCAM’s Vice President of Additive Manufacturing, have both been honored with a DINO award from Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG). The Distinguished Innovator Operators Award (DINO) is AMUG’s most prestigious honor, and is bestowed upon those with the highest levels of additive manufacturing expertise and a willingness to share that knowledge through contributions to AMUG, its members, and the industry it represents. We can’t wait to see who gets picked tyrannosaurus n-ex-t!.

When it comes to 3D printing dinosaurs, nothing can tricera-stop us! For the What’s So Cool About Manufacturing student video contest this year, we printed and delivered these awesome multi-jointed dinosaurs to all the students who participated. The dinosaurs were printed all in a single piece via our innovative Multi Jet Fusion technology. Check out that movement!

We also love showing off some of our more unique pieces in our presentation space at the facility, like this 3D-printed dinosaur skull! The skull was printed using stereolithography and expertly finished by our advanced finishing technicians to imitate real bone. We hope the realism doesn’t scare-odactyl you!

We’re saur-ee for all the dinosaur puns, we just feel ptero-bill about it! Please don’t call the tricera-cops on us! Okay, okay, we’re done for now, but you can keep up with the latest news happening at ProtoCAM to see what we dream up next!