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3D Printed Sporting Goods with Additive Manufacturing | ProtoCAM

October 25, 2016

Sporting Goods AM

Create 3D Printed Sporting Goods to Give Your Products an Edge


The future of 3D-printed sporting goods is up to you

3D printing is ready to revolutionize the world of sporting goods. Think football pads tailored to a quarterback’s body for better throws, hockey sticks customized to body mechanics for a faster shot, and skis perfectly balanced and shaped for a single race. 3D printing helps all levels of athletes perform their very best—and it’s great for marketing, too.

For professional athletes, 3D printing offers personalized competition equipment that pushes performance to a higher level. For amateurs, 3D printing is the key to equipment that performs and protects better than ever. Savvy sporting goods manufacturers who serve both markets will find themselves on the winner’s podium—and ProtoCAM can help you get there.

Find your product’s ideal balance with 3D printing

For years, athletes have customized their own gear—hockey sticks, baseball bats, lacrosse sticks, baseball gloves, and more. Personalizing equipment is almost a religion for many athletes. By offering 3D-printed sporting goods tailored to an athlete’s body, you can take this devotion to a new level. Anything can be customized, from sunglasses to shoes.

Nike has used additive manufacturing to develop spike plates for competition running shoes. With 3D printing, you can offer athletes the cleat configurations that work best for them. This isn’t just theory—the technology was used to develop Nike shoes for the 2016 Rio Olympic games, including those worn by medalists Allyson Felix (USA) and Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce (Jamaica).

Use 3D-printing for the perfect protective fit

Protective clothing and footwear can be endlessly customized with 3D-printing technology. Think about the possibilities of built-in pads, guards, and supports in clothing and shoes. One day there might be no difference between the jersey and the set of pads. New tailored equipment, including shoes, can go a long way toward preventing injuries.  Under Armour’s Architech custom training shoe features a 3D-printed midsole that gives the wearer the best, most kinesthetically sound fit possible.

New Balance has also used 3D printing to improve their midsoles. Through laser sintering, the company has created a honeycomb midsole that offers the ideal combination of flexibility, strength, lightness, and durability. What can you customize in your product line?

Team up with ProtoCAM

Whether you provide equipment to professional athletes around the world, or just want to help families stay in shape, ProtoCAM can help. Bring us your design, your sketch, or your idea. Our team has already helped develop revolutionary new sporting goods for football and golf, and we’re ready to help you. Send us a note here, or request a quote.