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2018 Year in Review

December 28, 2018

Web Banner 2018 Year in Review

2019 is here, but let’s not forget what a great year we’ve had in 2018! It’s time to reflect once again on all the updates, innovations, and more we’ve had in the past year:

We worked with several established businesses and up-and-coming entrepreneurs to produce case studies discussing the prototypes we created for them, including one with Langhorne Carpet Company, a project which went on to win the “advanced concepts” category of the Technical Competition at the 2018 Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference.

This year we welcomed a new member of our customer service team, Jessica Kemmerer. Jessica joins us as Administrative Assistant and comes from a varied working and educational background. Stay tuned to our news page in the coming year to learn more about Jessica! We also had the pleasure of working with some temporary team members in the form of our summer interns. Ashley joined us as our marketing intern, while Nolan was our additive manufacturing intern. We look forward to taking on more interns in the future through Governor Tom Wolf’s State Local Internship Program (SLIP), which provides for summer internships with local employers across Pennsylvania.

We brought in some new equipment to further assist in our post-processing of parts and overall production and efficiency. The DyeMansion Powershot C makes our post-processing of Multi Jet Fusion parts even faster, while a new air compressor system triples our air capacity in the shop.

We showcased our products at many events and tradeshows this year, which allowed us to reach new markets and customers. From our yearly tradeshows like the ICI Technical Conference and Equipment Expo, the Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors (MAPP) Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference, and PACK EXPO East, to our in-house lunch and breakfast and learn events, to lots of local events right here in Allentown, PA, we love meeting up with all our customers and contacts to show off the latest part and prototype samples to both experts in the business, and future engineers.

2019 marks 25 years that ProtoCAM has been in business, and we look forward to celebrating this milestone with innovations in our facility and website, the introduction of new equipment, the publication of a variety of blog posts, case studies, and other contributions to our learning center, along with an overall streamlining of our operations. We’re ready to see what’s coming in 2019, and we look forward to sharing it with you, our valued customers!