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Free STL Viewer

Many of ProtoCAM’s additive manufacturing and rapid prototyping customers use the STL viewer from SolidView.

SolidView/Lite: Free STL Viewer

Although there are different levels of features available for various prices, SolidView/Lite is a good, free STL viewer files. Use this to preview any STL files you send to ProtoCAM. (ProtoCAM can create them ourselves from other formats)

Visit the SolidView/Lite website for the download link. A free user account is typically needed to download the STL Viewer from SolidView.

If you require further assistance, please give us a call at 610-261-9010 or write to Note: SolidView is not our product, although we do use it extensively. For further assistance, refer to the SolidView/Lite download page or contact their support team.

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