ProtoCAM: Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping.

Case Studies

Case Study: Rapid Prototyping Sporting Goods

Introducing the Ball Cannon Football Launcher In 2008, Fred Hafer Jr. wanted to buy a football throwing machine for his son. After months of searching online and in sporting goods stores, he concluded that what he wanted didn’t exist. Eight years later, with the help of ProtoCAM’s additive manufacturing for plastic parts, Ball Cannon is…

Case Study: Rapid Prototyping in Food Manufacturing


To keep the production line running smoothly and turn out flawless product, Just Born, Inc. approached ProtoCAM to produce an internal conformity sample of a 5-chick PEEPS® cluster.

Additive Manufacturing for Prosthesis Development


It was game-changing pattern recognition technology designed to improve control for patients requiring prosthetic arms that motivated the launch of Coapt, LLC, and their COMPLETE CONTROL™ system.

DFM Rapid Prototyping Case Study

Sealeze - ProtoCAM Case Study

ProtoCAM has worked with Sealeze on multiple projects that span the product development cycle.

Case Study Medical Device Prototyping

Charles River Laboratories: ProtoCAM case study

Charles River Laboratories worked with ProtoCAM to quickly develop a handheld medical test device to be used for scientific testing on NASA Space Shuttle flights

Case Study – Office Furniture Prototyping


ProtoCAM’s rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing are widely used by furniture designers and manufacturers to produce physical, tangible prototypes or working demonstration products for design and testing.

Orthopedic Medical Device Prototype Design

ProtoCAM Case Study

ProtoCAM recently worked with a customer on a medical rapid prototyping project involving knee replacement orthopedic prototype.

Using CAD to Create 3D Art

ProtoCAM Case Study

Learn how ProtoCAM helped a New York-based artist create 3D art pieces by utilizing stereolithography (SLA).