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ProtoCAM - a Prototype Manufacturer and Rapid Prototyping Company


ProtoCAM is a leading prototype manufacturer offering rapid prototype manufacturing services for a variety of products, items, and industry applications. Prototype manufacturers or prototype makers often hear different terms applied to the outputs of the prototype manufacturing process, including:

  • Plastic prototypes
  • Plastic parts
  • Prototype parts
  • Prototype models
  • Manufacturing prototypes
  • Rapid prototypes

ProtoCAM would likely not use the term "plastic parts" to refer to the products that we make in prototype manufacturing, since typically the materials we use are technically resins. But we do realize that in the end, many of our resin-based rapid prototypes are the forerunner of plastic parts.

In other cases, ProtoCAM is a prototype maker provider that creates metal prototype parts.

ProtoCAM Prototype Manufacturing Applications

Here are some of the many ways that our services as one of the leading rapid prototype manufacturers may be referred to:

  • Prototype parts manufacturers
  • Plastic prototype manufacturers
  • Prototype makers
  • Parts prototype manufacturers
  • Prototype model makers
  • Prototype modelers
  • Prototyping company
  • Rapid prototype company
  • Rapid prototyping service provider

For example, in specific applications, we may be called a prototype gear manufacturer, an electronic prototype manufacturer, a maker of manufacturing prototypes, or a plastic parts prototype maker. In a sense, all of these characterizations are true since ProtoCAM can do all these things and more.

Contact ProtoCAM, your Prototype Manufacturer and Rapid Prototyping Company

Please contact us to discuss your rapid prototype manufacturing needs with one of the leading rapid prototyping companies or to request a quotation.