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Plastic Prototype, Custom Plastic Prototype Manufacturer


Stereolithography replica of hood ornamentProtoCAM is custom plastic prototype manufacturer that creates a variety of rapid plastic prototypes and plastic prototype parts for many different applications.

As an experienced rapid prototyping service provider, ProtoCAM knows that there are many terms that people use to describe the end product of the rapid prototyping process. One of the most common is "plastic prototype." While the materials we use to make the prototypes are typically not plastic, the prototype is often used in the design and development process for plastic parts. So we often hear our customer ask for a plastic prototype, even thought the prototype might be made from urethane or a stereolithography resin.

Because of our expertise in creating rapid prototypes that are used in the design and development of plastic parts, ProtoCAM can simply make the part for you as you specify, or we can assist you in selecting the best rapid prototyping (RP) process and material to create that part.

Key Benefits of Working with ProtoCAM

  • Fast turnaround
  • Plastic prototype engineering expertise
  • Experience with various industries using many RP technologies
  • Design confidentiality

Contact ProtoCAM for Plastic Prototypes

Please contact us to discuss your plastic prototype or to request a quotation.