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Rapid Prototyping Materials and Technologies Overview



ProtoCAM offers and uses the most advanced processes and materials to best meet your rapid prototyping and 3D printing needs. The chart below provides a comparison of some of the most popular in order to help you select the best for your project.

The column headers below link to more detailed information on the materials used for each process. Please contact us for additional or special materials or processes for your rapid prototyping application.

Additive Manufacturing Technologies Comparison Chart

Short Description
Laser cured resin Laser cured powder Sprayed material
Great Fair Good
Stiff to rigid Stiff Flexible
Clear or white, can be dyed or painted White, can be dyed or painted Black, white, gray, blue, green
Opaque to nearly glass clear Opaque Opaque to translucent
Surface Finish
Smooth, can be sanded Somewhat coarse Rubber-like
Fair, a bit brittle Good Good, prone to tears
Water Resistance
Good to excellent Poor, absorbent Good
Available n/a n/a
Metal Available
n/a Steel n/a

ProtoCAM provides our customers engineering assistance on selecting the best prototyping processes and materials. The above listing is not comprehensive; ProtoCAM uses many other prototyping processes, materials, and resins based on your needs. Please contact us for assistance with your rapid prototype method and material selection.

View detailed descriptions of SLA Finish Levels offered by ProtoCAM.

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