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Precision Machined Castings


Metal casting from QuickCast pattern of oil filter mounting bracketA machined casting can be made from any metal using a stereolithography prototype built using a QuickCast style. Once the part is approved by the customer, the QuickCast prototype is dipped in a ceramic slurry, which is allowed to harden. The QuickCast process builds a stereolithography part with a solid outer skin and a hollow, honeycombed inside. This thin-walled structure disintegrates when the ceramic is heated. A metal of the customer's choice is poured into the empty mold. The ceramic is broken away, the part is machined (adding threads and removing burrs), and the metal casting is complete.

Key Benefits

  • Faster and cheaper turnaround than conventional tooling and machining methods
  • Finished product is ready to be used in any application
  • Wide variety of materials available

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