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Investment Castings — the Rapid Way to Make Metal Parts



RTV mold, wax investment pattern, SLA pattern, and cast metal prototype of implantProtoCAM creates investment castings and lost wax castings where metal parts are needed quickly. This is also called lost wax casting.

Investment casting is good if you want multiple metal parts quickly without expensive tooling. It is typically used for low quantity (10-50) requirements. For less than 10 pieces or for very quick turnaround, ProtoCAM would recommend QuickCast patterns for use as investment castings.

The Investment Casting Process

To rapidly make investment castings/metal parts, ProtoCAM uses stereolithography to make the pattern, create an RTV mold from the pattern, and then use the RTV mold to make the lost wax casting. From the lost wax casting, the metal parts are created. The pattern is dipped in ceramic slurry and then is heated to burn out the wax, creating the cavity used to cast a single metal part. After casting, the ceramic shell is shattered, revealing the part.

  • Equipment - SLA machines, vacuum casting machines
  • Benefits - quick turn, parts in 2-4 weeks, expediting is also available.
  • Features - The investment casting process typically creates parts that require less post-casting machining and processing to remove flashing and surface preparation.
  • Materials - steel, Everdur (bronze mix), aluminum, ferrous and non-ferrous metals
  • Applications/Uses - Any industry or customers who need metal parts for form fit function testing quickly and/or in low quantities.

Contact ProtoCAM for Investment Castings, Lost Wax Castings and QuickCast Patterns

Contact Us to inquire about how ProtoCAM can help you with your investment casting and prototype metal parts needs or to request a quotation.