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Introduction and Welcome Message


Prototype Development ConsultingFrom Ray C. Biery and Ronald L. Belknap, founders of ProtoCAM

During the formative stages of ProtoCAM, we sat down to review our experiences in the area of model and prototype production. Looking back over the years, we recalled the long, inefficient and expensive process which was required to bring a concept to a deliverable prototype. In many instances, dealing with multiple out-sourced resources placed us in positions of full-time expediters rather than fulfilling our roles as a design or manufacturing engineer. Thus the mission of ProtoCAM emerged, "to be a single source resource which delivers the widest variety of models and prototypes from the greatest range of input media."

Excellence in Rapid Prototyping - Our FacilityIn addition to our turn-key prototype production resource, ProtoCAM provides such assistance as manufacturing engineering consulting, short run production runs, milling and machining, and out-sourced contract production, not to mention rapid hard tooling. ProtoCAM uniquely serves its clients by carrying a prototype project from concept to deliverables. As a result of ProtoCAM's involvement, product quality is enhanced; form, fit and function testing can be more effectively accomplished; and the time cycle and costs components can be greatly reduced.

Our business is an exciting one because each day we are challenged by new clients, new needs from our existing clients, and, above all, the opportunity to work in tandem with the creative design and manufacturing forces in today's manufacturing environment.

Ray C. Biery
Managing Partner
Ronald L. Belknap
Managing Partner

Our Profile

A leading rapid prototype company, ProtoCAM can be found in all major online listings of rapid prototyping companies and in many trade journals.

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ProtoCAM's History

Founded in January 1994, ProtoCAM is an exciting, innovative, high tech company and is one of the first rapid prototying companies in Pennsylvania. We are a business that manufactures and finishes physical solid models of our customer's original design. We designed our rapid prototype company to specialize in product development and engineering/ manufacturing services. Since inception we have served more than 10,000 satisfied customers in a variety of fields including medical, automotive, electronics and aerospace. Over the years, ProtoCAM has focused its expertise on but one goal - to provide its customers with the best prototyping solution and service possible. Because of this customer focus, ProtoCAM has added additional services including cast urethane models, rapid injection molding, high-quality metal castings and roto-casting. We've always been at the leading edge using the latest stereolithography resins to provide our customers with the best possible alternatives for their rapid prototyping needs. Do not hesitate to contact us with your design and prototype manufacturing requirements.

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